Reviews For Islands Magazine

Beautiful Visions of Paradise....

This is the only magazine I subscribe to - I love it because it has wonderful timeless images of places and people which simply exude calm, chill, beach bum latitude attitudes. There's little cultural or political commentary here; these destinations are described and presented simply as perfectionist's paradise - which may not be reality, but it makes me want to hop on a plane and go. Photography is top notch and there is a section at the end of every issue giving travel details for each island described (including local costs, times, and places to stay and eat.

Just Islands - Beautiful Photographs

This magazine is in part a magazine of dreams. If you have ever dreamed of getting away to an island paradise, then this magazine is for you. All of the articles and photographs are of island destinations. Enjoy your taste of paradise! This magazine covers islands in every part of the world including Hawaii and the South Pacific islands.

it helps to dream (and plan) about future vacations

The pictures are beautiful. If you can't travel much but love the island atmosphere, then this magazine is for you. You may also gets tips along the way, which may help you to plan your own island vacation someday. This is a good way to become acquainted with many remote and beautiful parts of God's world.

I have been getting this magazine for 3 years now. Delivery is prompt. The printing is good. The journalism is acceptable. The cost is very good compared to other magazines. Enjoy!

Enticing Photography

Islands Magazine is a must for the travel lover. Each issue features stunning photography, articles from people who have visited various world islands, and advertisements on popular travel destinations around the globe.

The articles covered in this magazine usually focus on popular islands for travelers, like the Caribbean, South Pacific Islands, Hawaii, etc. But on occassion, the magazine features other islands, too, including those that are not as popular as tourist destinations like the Balearic Islands, Ceylon, Madagascar, and others.

There are LOTS of advertisements in this magazine, and that might not sit well with some readers who prefer more articles and less selling. But the ads are helpful to the reader because they often include bargain prices. There are also classified ads from other readers who have island vacation property to rent.

If you like to travel and you love water, then Islands magazine is a great publication to read. The photography alone makes it worth while. It will tempt you to head to the nearest travel agency and book your tropical beach vacation asap!


Its an okay magazine but it doesn't get you all dreamy eyed like Caribbean life and style magazine does.