Reviews For Hot Rod Magazine

A mechanic's magazine

My husband is a mechanic, so this magazine is a definate at our house. My husband can sit down and read and look through the same magazine more than once. He never gets tired of reading hot rod.

It tells you about up coming cars that are getting ready to be released, and gives you a first look at them, in side and out. It also goes back to the older hot rods which are just as interesting if not better than the new ones.

It also gives detailed step by step instructions on how do to just about anything. From something as easy as putting a battery in to, putting in a nitrous system. The pictures are awesome. They show the before and afters, and each picture after each part is put in.

I personally don't know a lot about cars, and some of these pictures makes me stop and read the articles.

I think this magazine is a must have for any mechanic, or any hot rod lover...


Excellent for the HOT Rodder............

I have subscribed to this magazine for a long time. This is the best magazine for those weekend warriors or the long time, 24/7 automotive men. The magazine has the most awesome car pictures avaliable and show them in detail as well as articles about the cars. The magazine show you tricks and tips from the technician's who build their rodders and how they can customize them. This magazine helped me out, because me uncle and I was working on a 1950 Ford Panel Truck and we were adding a few additions to the fenders, as in lowering the fender's by adding sheet metal and MIG welding it together. We were not for sure how to this, until I seen this magazines article on MIG welding. Without, HOT ROD we would have been lost.............................


Recommended For: Hobbyists/Enthusiasts
Primary Reason for Buying: Articles

hot rod surpasses car craft

hot rod has and always been the best car modification magazine out there. every month it is packed with criptic muscle cars from all over the country. hot rod also rewards the skill and work put into various automobiles made by people working out of their garage. it is a great publication. i always enjoy the articles about muscle cars, vintage American autos and new mods. i hope to continue to subscribe to this magazine for years to come. some people might like car craft for some reason yet to be proven by scientists and hot rod owners all over the world but i will always enjoy and recommend hot rod.


Hot Rod Rules The Road!!

This is the best car magazine in the universe for all you gear heads out there. As the name implies, it is strictly about hot rods: big blocks, big tires, big smoke--you get the picture. You can learn how to get rid of the rust on your car and find the best place to get parts for your '69 Sting Ray and find out about the new Z06's. I am car-tarded, my husband is the mechanic. He runs an auto shop and he actually refers to this magazine in his line of work. However, I've actually *learned* something from this magazine and I can actually talk shop with the boys! It's a great entertainment and learning tool regardless of the reason why you read it--to learn about the brand new Camaro coming out and different car reviews. BUY THIS MAGAZINE!!!

Outstanding magazine!

Hot Rod magazine is to me, the premier automotive magazine. I have subscribed off and on for long time and seen it go up and down with quality and content. But under editor David Freiburger, it has been outstanding. Each issue has widely varying hot rod or muscle car articles, quality writing, enthusiastic writers, it has it all. If you are into muscle cars, hot rods, performance or similar, try Hot Rod magazine.

Gotta Love It!

I first started getting Hot Rod when I was about ten. I still read it, almost religiously, every month. Lately, they've even thrown in a bunch of Mopars! I'm not a big Mopar guy myself, but there have been a lot of complaints that it was all Camaros. No longer is it such. This publication is very informative of current news in the automotive world, and its tech articles are wonderful.

One drawback, however, is that sometimes the writers will completely lose you if you don't know what they're talking about. Sometimes I have to reread a sentence trying to figure out what in the world this guy is doing during tech articles. I will admit that sometimes the magazine gets a little bit dull during articles discussing theory or stuff like that, and sometimes there are only a few featured cars while the rest is car shows, but they always make up for it in the next issue.

I enjoy my subscription, and any car buff, even if they're a Mopar guy, will enjoy reading this mag.


Recommended For: Anyone
Primary Reason for Buying: Photographs

Forgotten fat-fendered classics

Page 84 In the August 2002 issue, Gray Baskerville's archived write-up on that kickin' black '55 was great. I'd like to point out however, that the car being lawded over, was refered to, by Gray, as a hardtop. Excuse me Gray, but that little Chevy is about as post, as post can get... I know this must have been a typo - Baskerville would certainly know the difference... It's a pity, it's to late for an edit. R.I.P. Gray (Bless your heart)

After all that's said, I can appreciate the quick, fast and in a hurry way most of Hot Rod's car write-ups are written. You guys reserve the reader's right to correct you when you blow it, I can appreciate that too... Keep up the good work, and I'll keep readin'.

Charlie Young - Portland, Oregon


Recommended For: Hobbyists/Enthusiasts
Primary Reason for Buying: Editorials/Social Commentary

Needs new blood

Although Hot Rod remains one of the Premier racing magazines in the sport, it is losing some of its appeal.

I have been reading Hot Rod for over thirty years. The old issues contained insightful looks at local rodders and covered the different events well. Now they seem to be more into self promotion. They write about what Hot Rod is doing or about their parade of Hot Rods going across the U.S. Their is very little local flavor.

I believe the Hot Rod staff needs some new blood writing for them. I have also noticed the magazine is harder to find on the magazine rack which makes me wonder if they have lost some popularity through the generations.

Hot Rod needs a new kick with some youthful and entertaining flavor. Although I am an old fogey myself, they have become stuck in self promotion and nostalgia. As a drag racing enthusiast, I am now getting more from Drag Racing magazine and Super Chevy. There is also a magazine called Hot Rodder but I have seen it only once or twice. For now they are still one of my choices but the choices are limited.


Dont Give them your credit card

I bought a 1 yr subscription to Hot Rod Magazine last year and they just charged it again for this year without my consent or permission. I don't know about you but when I pay for a yr with my credit card its not meant to be an annuity. Maybe they have some hidden fine print that makes this "legal" and maybe they don't. Totally unethical behavior in my opinion. Like the mag but I will not be doing business with these people in the future.

Where is it???

I have not get the first one yet.

How can i review???