Reviews For Hobby Farms Magazine

Wonderful for Hobby Farmers!

I have subscribed to Hobby Farms magazine for the past three years and enjoy every issue cover to cover! The articles are written so those with little to no experience can understand and use them as well as those with more experience may learn helpful hints they might not have known or sources and facts newly available. Though corrections may be added or information post scripted to an article(as one of the reviewers mentioned), this is a strength in my eyes not a weakness! A magazine should not spend its time and space trying to encompass every single detail possible. Instead it should give readers enough information to gain a basic foundation and a beginning guide or helpful tips for along the way on a hobby farmer's journey and this magazine does a wonderful job! From "How to" articles to "Did You Know" write-ups complete with web site and book reference information for further exploration to full color pictures, if you own or dream of one day owning a Hobby Farm, this magazine is for you!!

Interesting and Practical

Hobby Farms draws you into their 'meaty' articles with good photos and clear writing. The articles aren't just fluff- they present usable info that helps you succeed on small scale raising-your-own-food acreages.

Hobby Farms

Love the magazine. It has lots of good articles that are interesting to me. It helps me have a little country in the city.

Why Didn't I Know About This Magazine Years Ago?????

What a wonderful, informative and interesting publication, and why, why, why did I not have this years before? I love it and cannot wait for each and every new issue, and truely would want all the back issues to see what I have missed. Keep up the good work!!!

Wonderful magazine for dreaming homesteader

This is a top notch magazine that both my wife and I enjoy. It has great articles on gardening, animals, and homesteading in general. There is such a variety of subjects that we can always find something to read and have learned much from the articles. I also love Hobby Farms Home which I was skeptical would just be a scaled down copy of the original Hobby Farms, but there is such a diversity in the articles that both magazines are a must. If you enjoy raising your own vegetables or dream about owning your own goats to make homemade cheese, this is the magazine for you.

Just fun to read

I only have 5 acres but love to read about lots of different ideas to use my mini-farm.

hobby farms

This magazine is for someone with a small farm or planting in your backyard. Love this magazine. If you love to plant or want to learn, then you should be getting this magazine.

Great content

Very nice / informative mag for a person that is not heavily into agriculture. But helps alot for the hobby farmer or country living folk