Reviews For Hobby Farm Home Magazine

Great for the family

I do not live on a farm and I don't have anything larger than a small garden but, this magazine has lots for even me. I use this to come up with ideas for projects to do with my kids. Some the old ways of cooking, canning, and just living are being lost to our children. This magazine brings the older ways back. The kids love the idea of making paper this fall. I have learned how to make wine and an old fashioned German dinner as well as how to make a bird bath that looks like a leaf. This magazine really is wonderful for everyone.

Great magazine

I love this magazine. It has something for everyone living in the country, and even those that don't. The articles are a good length and they vary, so you can choose what you have time for. The photos are beautiful and inspiring. I wouldn't change a thing. Just don't get too anxious after you said I wouldn't be receiving the subscription for a few months, so I bought the latest copy, only to have it arrive in the mail a week later.

Great tips!

great tips for small agreage farmer/rancher. includes information on gardens, animals, equipment purchase and repair, and cooking (what to do with all the produce the garden grows).

Great Magazine - Lots of Good Information

I purchased a subscription of this magazine for myself after finding it in a local farm supply store. Found it to be a very nice read with lots of great articles. My mom looked at it when she was here and liked it too. I set her up with a subscription too.

Hobby Farms Home Magazine

This is absolutely one of my favorite magazines. I so look forward to each issue. Its got a little something for everybody. The recipes are great. If you're into a do-it-yourself type magazine for the home this is it. It's a great offshoot of the Hobby Farm magazine for those of us who aren't fortunate enough to live on a farm or who do.

Hobby Farm Home

I originally subscribed to Hobby Farms and then bought a copy of Hobby Farm Home by mistake at the store. I liked this magazine as well and now subscribe to both.

Great information on this one!

Magazine has so much great information! It's one of those
you want to save to refer back to over the years. . . .

Hobby Farm Home Magazin

I really enjoy this magazine & plan on renewing. It's got great recipes, animal articles, & farm-type living.