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The best Linux magazine currently on the market..

I've been reading Linux Format for a few years now. This magazine is typical of the excellent quality of many magazines published in England about the whole range of subjects. Having said that it's the best on the market, I should qualify that a little, by pointing out that I'm not a Linux developer/guru so I'm coming at it from the viewpoint of the relatively casual intermediate level user. There may be Linux magazines that are better if you're a Linux system administrator, or if you are developing software for Linux.

I enjoy the variety of articles covering various aspects of Linux and the "How-TO" articles as well as reviews of products and software for Linux.

I sure wish it was a bit less pricey, though.

The Best Linux Magazine Available

I've purchased several Linux magazines over the years and find myself coming back to Linux Format time and again, from the bookstore even, regardless of the the price. But what people I don't think realize is that the magazine is not published in the US. Its published in Britain and is sold primarily there. So when its sold in the states it is, unfortunately, subject to the current exchange rate.

from best to better

A couple years ago, this was the BEST source of Linux applications reviews and news from the field. Also with highly interesting tutorials, that you could NOT find somewhere else, for the pro and beginner alike. It was probably worth the high price tag. These days, the magazine kind of repeats itself, reviews of same-o apps from precedent years, most of the time not worth citing for the minor additions from rev. 0.7 to 0.8 and so on.. Also the tutorials seem to have lost some of the insight and edginess from a couple years ago- definitely not worth the price tag; especially with high bandwidth easily available in the States, you are better off sometimes just downloading your own distro's and/or huge apps. Just as a suggestion, in the spirit of yesteryear: why won't they write a cool script to parse the kernel sources, and fetch only what you need for your hardware instead of the huge 40MB plus of kernel sources? Most people would probably care for x86, and maybe ppc, seldom maybe sparc ! They could put THAT on the dvd, and renew the interest (could be fun to do, relatively easy and in the process they could add in some stellar tutorials on how they did it too ...)