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Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement

Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine addresses the interests of active-duty law enforcement officers and civilian gun enthusiasts. Well-known authorities review weapons and accessories currently in use and preview hot items in the works for future marketing.

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Customer Reviews

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    It's a magazine

    If your into the lastest and greatest things that are available on the market then it's a great magazine. I was hoping for something a little bit different but overall the magazine is a good one. A little bit expensive but good.

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    Very helpful...

    Being in law enforcement for ten years now, I recently came across this magazine and decided to purchase one. I have now subscribed and am expecting my first issue. It is geared toward law enforcement, and with that, mainly focuses on .223 caliber AR's and duty weapons such as the Glock line of pistols and the like. It will, in each issue, usually cover a non-traditional weapon such as a new 1911 or a bolt action rifle. As I said, the focus is mainly law-enforcement, which some people may not like. But as a patrol officer, I find the magazine helpful in allowing me to keep up with the latest developments in law enforcement weapons and I have used the magazine...

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    Hey another M4 wow

    This magazine isn't bad, it articles are usually well written and the photos are usually quite good. The problem I have with it is every issue seems identical to the one before it. You can only look at the newest and best M4 clone so many times before it becomes just the same old news.

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