Reviews For Golf Tips Magazine

Short and sweet

Great equipment reviews. Good swing tips. Only golf mag that tends to focus on equipment.

For the serious golfer

Golf tips magazine is one of the most aptly titled magazines available today. It is chock full of heavily-illustrated exercises and other tips for serious golfers to improve their games.

There are a number of golf magazines on the newstand today. Most of them rely on a lifestyle format relying more heavily on lifestyle-type stories about today's hot golfers and the courses they play. Most of them include a brief game tip or two but seem aimed at the casual duffer.

Golf Tips, on the other hand, features almost nothing but heavily illustrated tips on improving one's swing, eliminating mistakes and putting better. It also is heavily loaded with features on the latest equipment technology. Each issue also seems to feature an article on the technical aspects of a selected major golf course. The articles are written with terminology that serious golfers will understand but that may confuse the weekend player. Judging by the amount of advertising in its early issues, this magazine also appears to be financially healthy.

If a reader wants to read about the PGA Tour's superstars, this magazine is not for him/her. But if s/he plans to be one of those superstars, Golf Tips is a good match.

While you are stuck inside the office...

Good tips to read about when you do not have time to get out on the course!

Your Guide to Improvement

If you are the type of golfer who wants to improve your putting, your swing, your choice of equipment, or anything else golf related, then Golf Tips is the magazine for you. This magazine, unlike other golf publications, dedicates almost all of its pages to improvement. Most every golfer wants to get better over time, and Golf Tips is one of the few publications available that focuses all of its contents on self improvement.

As far as the advice goes, Golf Tips is a good magazine and it tries to cover several different aspects of the game in the same issue, so readers can find a relevant article that relates to their own problems. Maybe your problem area is putting. If it is, there is likely a putting article someone in the current issue. Another person might be having trouble perfecting his/her swing and if so, there are plenty of helpful articles that include diagrams so readers will know exactly what to do.

Other magazines include diagrams to illustrate proper maneuvering of the hands and body when swinging a golf club but Golf Tips takes this a step further. It includes not only picture depicting the right way to do it, there are also pictures showing what not to do. With some of these, Golf Tips will make sure the casual reader knows which photo depicts the wrong way to swing by showing a red circle with a line through it (same symbol seen on certain traffic signs), superimposed over the picture. With an illustration like this, there will be no doubt in the golfer's mind what he/she is not supposed to do.

Overall, Golf Tips is a good magazine for someone whose primary interest is improving his/her game. There are other magazines that include some instruction on the game, but Golf Tips concentrates most all of its pages in this area. I prefer a more balanced golf magazine like Golf Digest but I can see how Golf Tips could come in handy. The advice is written like a pro, and it covers something about many different problems in each and every issue.