Reviews For Goldmine Magazine

A Great Magazine For The Music Enthusiast

Goldmine is a music magazine that caters to record collectors. The cover stories and articles deal with all types of music (rock, r & b, pop, country, jazz, reggae, punk, alternative, etc.) with the greatest emphasis on artists who were popular in the '60s and '70s. Recent cover stories include interviews with surviving members of the Grateful Dead, the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, the Four Seasons, and the Dave Clark 5's lead singer Mike Smith. There are also annual issues devoted to Elvis Presley and the Beatles.

Each issue of Goldmine contains reviews on recent cd releases (new product and reissues/collections). There are also country and jazz sections that contain interviews with vintage artists (recent country interviews include Bobby Bare, Guy Clark, and Merle Haggard) and cd reviews. The country section also provides helpful info like upcoming tv appearance and cd release dates, while the jazz section offers esoteric essays from jazz historian Carlo Wolff. Dahl's Digs is one of my favorite columns, where celebrated author Bill Dahl (Motown: The Golden Years) "digs" up some rare musical treasures from the past that have been recently reissued (or should be).

Since Goldmine is a magazine for record collectors, there are a number of ads by vendors who carry rare/promo vinyl and cds, as well as a classified section where you can state what you're looking for (I have bought some rare radio promo collections this way). If you like a lot of genres of music, especially music recorded during the '50s through the '80s, then I think you will enjoy Goldmine.

Intelligent Musical Guide

Finally, A musical magazine that is not mired down in sophmoric humor for stoned college kids. One that actually focuses on the integrity of music for its reviews, delves into the deep history of artists and their albums with great research. It does weigh a bit heavy on music pre 1980 but that is to be expected due to the age of most of the writers. A great resource for those who are collectors of vinyl, and cds; although they could use more information of what is collectible and give more prices in each edition. While you won't get those glossy photos of jessica simpson barely clothed, you will enjoy insightful writing on the music and career of musicians both popular and obscure. I highly reccomend this for music lovers.

Great Magazine for the Vinyl Nuts!

I've been collecting vinyls for 6 years now. I only recently discovered this magazine and subscribed imediately. There are a lot of great infor about artists of all kinds, record collecting and venues for finding them. The front page always has a frame worthy photo. It is a great added addition to a fun hobby.

Great magazine!

Continuously a great magazine that covers a lot of bases, and the CD release ads are INVALUABLE due to the demise of ICE Magazine.

Highly Enjoyable

I dig GoldMine Magazine alot for it's Coverage Period.Reviews,Cover Storys,Hard to Find Albums in Special Catelogs,etc...also when they have Magazine Specials they always seem to add something truly special to it as well.very Enjoyable Magazine.

Goldmine is just what you are looking for

Great information on the music scene regardless of your inclinations....rock, jazz, alternative, etc.