Reviews For Flute Talk Magazine

Talkin' Good Flute Stuff!

This magazine is a must have for all flute students who are even semi-serious about learning their instrument! I have subscribed to this magazine for more years than I can remember and it has never failed to have some juicy little tidbit to help me out in my practicing or in helping me udnerstand something about the music world.

The Board of Advisors is an impressive list of professionals in the field some of whom regularly write columns. Kathlee Goll-Wilson and Michel Debost both have articles in every issue covering everything from fond memories to articulation and breathing problems to performance techniques.

In each issue there is an artist biography with an interview with the performer himself. The questions asked are extremely helpful with gaining an insight into the world of the professional flutist and it helps with the realization of how things really are.

There is also always a section dedicated to a certain piece each issue. In the article, the piece is gone over in great detail and helpful tips are given. Basically, it's like having a lesson on the piece only in writing and not in person.

There are articles such as: Accoustics of the Flute, Creating Memorizing Tips, Charles Koechlin's Flute Works, and at the end of each issue is a section called Let's Talk Picc. This section is totally devoted to piccolo and playing orchestral works or something with piccolo. Once again, helpful hints and like a mini-piccolo lesson in the magazine.

This magazine is not only chock-ful of wonderful, invaluable information about the flute, but music in general, and tons of ads for flutemakers etc. If you are a flutist you need to subscribe to this magazine! Best of all, it's cheap!


Favorite Type of Music: Alternative Rock


Oh what can be said about this periodical, but I can talk about Flute Talk all day long! When I'm not playing my wood wind, or streaming some Native American Flute albums, I'm reading this magazine. Very informative, fun, and helpful! My E-Flat key was broken, and this held my hand as I stepped up the stairs that was fixing my flute! I give this FIVE STARS! A good gift for any aspiring blowers!

I LOVE Flute Talk Magazine

If you're a flute-nut, you've got to get a subscription to Flute Talk. It has interesting articles about and by contemporary and past flute players - there are lots of cool ads and, well, it's generally just a flute-nut's periodical.

Fun read

As an amateur flutist, I love reading this magazine. It keeps me up to date with what's going on in the flute world.

Flute Thinker

I have been a subscriber to this magazine in the past. It is still a good informational tool for the flutist of all levels. The writing of the articles is not the most professional, but again, the info is good. It was a treat to find that my past flute teacher, Mr. Robert Willoughby, is an editor for this magazine. He's still an active teacher and flute contributor now in his 80's. It goes to show what I learned as his student--he truly loves all things "Flute" !! (He's also a really good human being !!)--Flute Thinker