Reviews For Florida Monthly Magazine

Great Magazine

I love this magazine. It has so much in it that you don't get anywhere else. The event lists are terrific. The magazine focuses on a town or area each month detailing what to see and do. It also spotlights a state park each month. These are things you don't get in any other magazine that I know of. It's the one magazine I read cover to cover each month.

Inspiration to travel and enjoy Florida!

This is a great travel magazine for Florida. It has wonderful pictures and stories. I have learned much about places in Florida that I didn't even know existed and I have lived in Florida for over forty years! The magazine has inspired me to travel the state on the weekends and I have been to the most wonderful places! I have not been disappointed once!

Wonderful information

I discovered this magazine a few months ago, thanks to a friend. It is wonderful! I've lived in Florida for 20 years, and they constantly let me know about fun places I've never even heard of, not to mention all the great history stories. I honestly never knew Florida could be so interesting, once you get past the stuff everyone knows about.

A Great lifestyle magazine

A most enjoyable read. I look forward to my the next issue every month! It's not just for visitors to the state - Florida's a big state and there are interesting stories about the state and it's people, as well as info on things to do.

Great Magazine

I purchased this magazine for my parents who live in Florida for the winter and they really enjoy it.

Florida Monthly

Interesting for newcomer to Florida, but wish it covered all of the state instead of only certain locations.

Florida Monthly

This magazine is not worth ANY subscription price: boring, old fashioned, nothing worthwhile to read. I regret subscribing to it.