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Fine Homebuilding

Fine Homebuilding is the leading and most reliable residential construction magazine on the market. Every issue of this publication delivers the essential information for building a beautiful home. The content in Fine Homebuilding is provided by some of today's most trusted and respected carpenters, masons, architects, cabinetmakers and more. These well-seasoned professionals share their most valuable tips, techniques, and secrets of the trade. Fine Homebuilding is also a reader's guide to the most up-to-date in tools and building materials, and explores a wide variety of inspirational design ideas. This magazine will offer insider tricks to speed up the process of your construction and remodeling, and offers new ways to focus on minimizing expended energy. Fine Homebuilding will allot you a greater awareness and grasp on what possibilities are out there and the most competent way to get them done.

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Customer Reviews

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    Quality Homebuilding

    Put out by Taunton Press, the same people who bring you Fine Woodworking, along with several other high quality magazines, Fine Homebuilding is unflinching in its approach to home building. You have to do it right!

    There is excellent coverage in the techniques of quality home buiding. This is not a magazine which covers putting up "cracker-box" houses. It is about creating a unique home, with features that reflect your personality and meet your needs. Now, that may sound a little high-falutin', but they succeed admirably.

    This magazine is not necessarily for the average, amateur do-it-yourselfer. It is geared towards more experienced homeowners...

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    This magazine is best in its class!

    Admittedly I am a big fan of everything that Taunton press puts out, but I truly think that Fine Homebuilding is a great magazine. Reader be warned though - this magazine is written for professional builders/contractors and serious DIYers. If your building and home renovation skills are any less than the intermediate/advanced level, this will not be the magazine for you. There is not a lot of hand holding here. The authors of these articles often assume that you know more than the basics so that they may cover more high-end techniques.

    Bottom line: Fine Homebuilding will give you great ideas for building fine homes, help you achieve success...

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    A exceptional periodical

    I have recommended this magazine to friends/co-workers/family that have shown an interest in architecture, woodworking, and custom houses. You do not have to be a professional to appreciate Fine Homebuilding, I happen to be in the high-end woodworking business, but I am always interested in other methods and techniques of the pro's and this periodical (in my humble opinion) is the best in its class.

    Fine Homebuilding avoids the jargon and has some great writers. Their articles come from professionals with real world situations and solutions be it how to properly vent a roof to the best way to layout a kitchen. There are also some novel ideas that come...

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