Reviews For Fine Cooking Magazine

One of the Best Cooking Magazines

This is one of the few magazines that I read EVERY article. I always find multiple recipes to use, often times heading to the kitchen, before I've even made it through the magazine. What few ads there are, are relevant, and have made me head to the internet to find out more info about the products advertised. I've given this magazine as a gift to many friends and family members.

Excellent Recipes

I have been buying this magazine for years now and have not found an issue that I do not like. I found this magazine focuses on useful tips and strategies to make cooking much easier. Some (a few) of the recipes call for ingredients not readily available in my kitchen but overall I can either find the ingredients or find substitutes. Also, in most of the issues the staff rates different appliances (this month is steak knives, and graters). Overall I recommend this magazine to both all my friends and family.

BEST cooking magazine

I buy a lot of cooking magazines and cookbooks but this is the best. I recently purchased my first issue and have already made 4 recipes. All 4 were huge hits with EVERYONE in my family. I will certainly subscribe to this one so I don't miss an issue!

Have been using for years, am giving as gift

I've been reading Fine Cooking for years. The recipes are good, the technique advice is great and I like the mix of everyday food and big-deal meals. I usually make a couple of things out of each issue, and many are keepers. This subscription is going to a friend for her birthday.

Variety is the spice of life

What I love about this magazine is it not only gives you great recipes but it is also filled with tips and information on cookware, ingredients....I recommend it!

Superb magazine

Every time this magazine comes out I make at least one or two things before the week is over. A testament to a great magazine. Very easy to read, really informative and so many great features. The recipes are very well explained and techniques are clear and easy to achieve. One of the best food magazines available. No infull articles and every page is well presented and informative.

The BEST Cooking Mag out there. Period.

Fine cooking is a wonderful magazine, with great illustrations and instructions. But best of all, the recipes totally rock. It is a great magazine for people who love to cook and who really love to eat and know food. All of the articles and recipes are well thought out and precise, yet not overly complicated. I find it much more "user friendly" then MANY of the other cooking publications, and trust me, I get almost all of the big ones. Fine Cooking is the only magazine in which I save and cherish every single magazine and look over them constantly. I am a new mom with an infant and I make sure I find time for Fine Cooking. Its like Christmas every time a new one comes in the mail (husband and I fight over who gets to see it first)!! It is worth savoring every last morsel...and then some.

Great magazine for cooks at all levels

Fine Cooking is a great magazine for people who like to cook, and have a grasp of the basics, but want to broaden their horizons. They break down some of the more intimidating cooking techniques & make them much more accessible. Highly recommended!

Editors Ruined Magazine w/New Format

I agree with every single review here that gives Fine Cooking five stars. It was always my favorite food magazine -- with the focus on proper technique, rather than upon fancy pictures put together by food "stylists," rather than cooks.

"Was" is the operative word though. This year Fine Cooking felt it had to "fix" something that was nowhere near "broke" and they turned FC into exactly the "food stylist" type of magazine that had sent me into the arms of Fine Cooking to begin with. The new format is all style over substance; indeed, there are so many "pretty" stylized pictures that it is now difficult to read -- the text gets lost.

FC also lost the unique personal style from the original FC -- the old format had these simple articles, oftentimes with a cook giving you the take on a single technique or ingredient. The cook was right there with you, with their hands on the food, and their smiling face beaming at you the beginning of the article. It looked like real food being cooked in front of you by a real person, rather than stylized food being glossed up with shellac before a hot camera.

Alas, that is all gone now. There are still a few good recipes, such as the excellent "Grill Braising" article by Bruce Aidells (my guess is that Bruce was under contract before they changed the format). But why wasn't Bruce in the shots, instead of these picture-perfect creations? And why did the text have to be so difficult to read?

I can say I am not alone in my disdain; others I know here were also heartbroken when the format changed, and the online blogs and FC's own blog included many angered by the change. Some did like it -- but then there are lots of people who do like these "stylized" publications, I'm just not one of them. Its just not what I looked for in Fine Cooking. My subscription has now lapsed, although I hope they bring back the old format (my guess is that they lost many subscribers).

In any event -- I thought that this review was necessary to give fair warning to those reading the OLD reviews about the OLD FC format. "New" is not always necessarily "improved."

Magazine now just photos and recipes -- no articles

I agree with the others who commented on how the magazine has changed from its previous format. I used to enjoy Fine Cooking and when it would arrive I'd sit down to read the articles. The emphasis on teaching technique and learning how to cook and bake with your five senses is now gone. There's actually very little to read! Gone are the feature articles written by the chefs and cooks themselves. It's just large, photos of perfectly photo-styled food (no graphics showing you dishes in progress) and recipes. I'm very disappointed. I learned so much from the likes of Joanne Chang, Alice Medrich, Abby Dodge and others in the magazine since we started subscribing over a decade ago. Now it's just another lightweight glossy with little substance. Aren't there already enough of those? Come back, old Fine Cooking.