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Field & Stream

Everything you want to know about the great outdoors. Includes guns, dogs, hunting and fishing.

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Customer Reviews

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    Babes In The Woods: Field & Stream, A Treasure Trove

    Do you see the silhouette in the nearby distance? It is not that of a man; it's a female hunter taking all the precautions not to scare away a deer. These days, more and more women head out to the woods to find out what has attracted males for centuries. The adrenaline, the drive, and the excitement about the first successful hunt are some of the reasons females want to partake what has come to be known as male territory for a long time now. There is no other magazine to offer and facilitate this freedom to women than Field & Stream. I have been reading this magazine ever since I can remember. It truly gives the urban dweller a sense of the abundant...

    • Rating
    Field & Stream, Information I Really Was Surprised To Get!

    Yes, my husband subscribes to Field & Stream, and I never considered it to be a magazine that I would enjoy, except that I had noticed some beautiful wildlife pictures in there, the few times the magazine was left open near me.

    Finally, it was the only magazine I hadn't read in the house, and I grabbed the latest issue of Field & Stream to glance through. Big Surprise for me! I was interested in so many articles the magazine had to offer! There is so much to be learned from one issue, alone, that I know I will hunt it down, now. To think how long I did not read it, makes me cringe at myself!

    There, to my surprise were first aid...

    • Rating

    This is the greatest magazine ever. Well at least for the outdoors man. I get the magazine monthly. I read it as soon as i get it. I'm from North Dakota. I do a lot of hunting and fishing. Field and Stream gives you all kinds of hint and tip about hunting, fishing, and the most important survival. I think if you are involved with what I mention earlier you need to get Field and Stream. Then you have there arcticles which are just as good. The writer who right these things should get paid more. If I were you I would subscribe.


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