Reviews For Farm & Ranch Living Magazine

Unique rural lifestyle magazine

Farm & Ranch Living is a very unusually laid out magazine. I have subscribed to it for a couple of years and have yet to find anything out there at all comparable to it in its layout.

The most unique feature of the magazine is its diary installments from readers who live in different regions. Each of the four installments chronicles a typical month for that reader and his/her family on their working ranch or farm. I love this is like being with the writer and spying on their daily activities. It gives a wonderful feel for what life on a farm is really like. There are lots of pictures to accompany these diary installments, which add to the feeling of really being there with the writers as they go about their daily chores.

I also like the feature called "The Prettiest Place in the Country." This spotlights a beautiful country homestead, usually belonging to one of the readers. The magazine is filled from cover to cover with beautiful photographs depicting scenes from farms and ranches throughout the country, as well as Canada. There are scrumptious recipes, personal essays which sing the praises of life in the country, and all sorts of little tidbits which will make you long to be able to "live off the land."

This is a beautiful magazine for anyone who lives on a farm or ranch, or out in the country, or for those who dream of having their own private oasis in which to retreat from suburbia. This magazine is always a treat!


Personal Dream

This magazine is the only magazine that I read from cover to cover.
I love the diary's that the people write.
I need to find a place to order a subscription. If anyone knows how I can order online or by mail....please advise...
I have always wanted to either marry a farmer or be a farmer and this is the closest I will ever get to being and or marrying a farmer.
When I read this magazine, I feel like I am right there with the families doing as they do.
This magazine is the best well written magazine I have ever come across.
Thank you!