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Fantasy & Science Fiction

One of the longest-running and most highly regarded magazines in the field, F&SF is the original publisher of Stephen King's Gunslinger stories, Daniel Keyes' "Flowers for Algernon," and many other classics.

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Customer Reviews

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    A monthly magazine of short stories? How can you go wrong?

    I'm a big fan of fantasy and science fiction short stories, picking up various "Best of" anthologies every year. In those anthologies, it always tells where each story came from, so I was always aware of the various magazines that are around. I never really went looking for them, however. Then, one day I was at my local science fiction book store and saw the magazine shelf and decided I should check one out. Being more of a fantasy fan then a science fiction fan, I decided to try out Fantasy & Science Fiction. Am I ever glad I did. Ever since that fateful day in January, I have been buying it every month.

    NOTE: I buy it at the store rather then getting...

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    The New Yorker of the Fantasy/SciFi Genre

    What sets F&SF Mag apart from the other digest-sized magazines that deliver speculative fiction is that F&SF chooses, almost every month, to transcend the genres it represents instead of remaining within the definitions and boxes that limit the other magazines. There don't seem to be any hard and fast rules concerning the stories that appear in this magazine except that they be really well written, and compellingly readable. The stories run all over the fertile woodland of Fantasy and Science Fiction and every month hold many surprises. There really hasn't been a magazine this satisfying since the old Twilight Zone magazine. In the end, it isn't...

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    All it promises and more

    Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine is full of imaginative stories every month; I have never been disappointed. The stories range in length from blasters to novellas, so no matter how much or little time one has, there is a story that will fit in. The authors are professionals who deliver well polished prose time after time. There are rarely stories at the extremes of the fantasy or sci-fi genres. I have never read about elves and dragons or about the workings of a space ship in any issue. The stories are about people, relationships, and all the strangeness we call life, as is the case with all good writing, not dazzling displays of scientific blather....

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