Reviews For European Car Magazine

What R You People Talking Bout?

Ive been receiving this magazine for over 2 years and its great i dont know why everyone is saying its horrible, they cover EUROPEAN cars yes Germany is part of EUROPE! lol seriously this is a great magazine for car enthusiast that loves fast cars coming from the EURO sportscar world....

fun to read

You can tell the editors are enjoying themselves writing about the cars and culture they love, and this makes for a fun read. You won't find tired cliches that seem to run rampant in other, larger auto magazines, like "an over-eager right foot." Lots of cool and highly customized cars to dream about, and plenty of useful features for enthusiasts on a budget.

Good Magazine.

Good mag, but not great like Automobile magazine. A little rah-rah for my tastes, but does a good job covering some excellent European cars.

Nothing like it used to be.

European Car is a magazine full of eye candy. Lots of German and Italian uber-exotics grace its pages. While that's great, and it's enjoyable to read about such cars, EC has lost many subscribers due to its loss of focus on the more attainable European cars out there. The pages used to be full of VW, BMW, Audi and Porsche project cars that were all within reach of your average Joe with a taste for something other than the basic Camaro or Mustang. Many used Euro cars are very cheap and easy to get into for those that would otherwise not be able to buy a new car of the same make. I'd hoped that the focus on these cars would become more intense when Les Bidrawn took over as editor a few years back. Unfortunately, it appeared to me that that's when things really seemed to go downhill. I let my subscription lapse and can't see picking it back up unless the mag undergoes a major transformation. So if you're into top dollar, unattainable by all but the very few, exotic European cars, this is your mag. But if you are someone who just likes your basic European offerings and is looking for support and inspiration, you stand a good chance of being disappointed.

Should be called German Car, as that's about all they cover.

I was very disappointed in this magazine, the title led me to believe that it would cover "European" cars, in other words cars that you would like to see in America, but are only sold in Europe or other parts of the world. This magazine however seems to think that the only cars worth covering are BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and VW. What about the French, Italian, Swedish or British cars? What about cars sold in Eastern Europe? It seemed all European car did was take the articles produced by other car magazine and just repackaged them with a few more pictures. Very disappointed in this Magazine.