Reviews For Elle Magazine

Worth Adding to Your Collection

OK we KNOW that you have all the "fashion" magazines already or you wouldn't be checking out this review. You might even be thinking to yourself-- how can I possibly justify spending any more of my hard-earned cash looking at pictures of clothes/shoes/bags I will never in a million years be able to buy? The justification comes from something called a "point of view" which this mag has in spades compared to some of the others. They post great suggestions on undiscovered quality literary finds, recognize the difference between looking at a design for it's artistic merits and actually trying to walk in 5 1/2" platforms, wonderful columnists like E.Jean give good advice--basically we are talking about a cross between New Republic/Time/Vogue--with that combo the price makes this mag a great buy!

GREAT magazine

Always enjoy Elle magazine, takes fashion more seriously than other magazines with really insightful writers and stylists. Always a treat when it comes in the mail, and the price was really reasonable for an entire year!

love elle forever and always

such a great mag - the graphics are rad, the editorials are cool, and the editors are young and fun. I love getting this in the mail every month!

I'd buy this before any other fashion magazine

I happen to really enjoy Elle, I believe that they have an even balance between fashion trends, accessories, shoes, articles and interviews. I do wish they would place less celebrities on magazine covers and more models again, but it is nice to see your favorite singer or actress on a magazine, esp Gwen Stefani who is always gorgeous. The magazine does tend to lean more towards the left in terms of politics but thats fine with me, if that isn't your preference maybe another magazine would be better suited for you. That aside, I'd say that out of all the high fashion magazines Elle would rank right next to Harper's Bazaar but behind Vogue.

A lot of ads.

This magazine is great for the pictures, but not the reading material. There are sooo many ads as well. I purchased the subscription for a year and, needless to say, I did not renew.

Takes too long

I dont understand why it takes soo long to get magazine subscriptions. I hate that the ones in stores are the ones I want but wont be getting because it has passed the time of that issue. Boo. Hopefully it will get better.