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E: The Environmental Magazine

Since its debut in 1990, E: The Environmental Magazine from the Earth Action Network has shared a wealth of information about “green living.” This magazine tackles big issues such as global warming and wildlife protection, and it suggests everyday contributions we all can make to preserve and protect the earth in columns such as “Green Business” and a “Going Green” travel column.

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Customer Reviews

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    Finally, Independent environmental reports

    E is a publication I recognize for its solid reporting on key issues. But most importantly, it is the independence of the solid, in-depth special reports that is most valuable to me and my fellow environmentalists.

    Not found in E are the typical political grunts and trite statements. I do not feel I am reading a political manefesto, or degrading my life by reading E. Just as important, when passing it on to others, I do not feel that I am an extension of some action group, but know that what I pass on is solid, quality reporting that take into account all sides of an issue. In addition to the solid reporting on an issue, E has expanded so every issue...

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    E- The ENvironmental magazine

    Although it took 2 months for the first subscription to arrive, the magazine was great.

    • Rating
    Great Environmental Magazine

    I recently subscribed to E! and the two magazines I have read have had some great articles.

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