Reviews For Dig Magazine


Dig takes a subject that could be dull and transforms it into something fun, exciting, and easy to relate to. Well-researched and -written articles by people who are actually *doing* archeology expose kids to fascinating subjects month after month. Activities, photos, and maps keep each issue visually interesting. Megaliths, Bog People, and Disasters are just a few of the themes Dig explores. This is a great magazine for curious, bright, and clever kids who want to know more about Dig-ging stuff up!

DIG is great!

I wish this magazine had been around when I was a kid. One might think an archaeology magazine would be a little boring... but that's not the case at all! One of my favorite issues of the magazine is called "Disaster!" (February 2007). It explores how archaeologists worked at Ground Zero after Sept. 11 and in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina--pretty fascinating stuff.

There are lots of high-quality photos, and sidebars and boxes add even more information than the well-written articles already provide. This magazine is worth getting for any child who has any curiosity about the world around him or her.