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Diesel Power

Diesel Power magazine is the perfect monthly magazine for the diesel enthusiast. This magazine brings the entire aftermarket and stock diesel improvement ideas to truck owners. Diesel Power also shows new truck buyers the newest trucks with diesel engines and rates their performance. Diesel engine technology, motorhome engine upgrades, "diesel drags", "dyno days", and towing are all part of the content as well.

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Customer Reviews

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    diesel enthusiasts

    lots of cool tech stories and articles. lots of product reviews. read every page. learened alot about diesel engines from these guys. worth the full subscription

    • Rating
    One of the BEST Diesel Mag around!!!

    This is one of the BEST Diesel Mags around for the Light Duty Diesel Truck Market.

    This includes the Ford Super Duty F250-F550, Dodge Cummins, Chevy Diesel and All! :)

    Must for any DIESEL owners!

    • Rating
    great magazine

    its amazing how far diesels have come and this magazine is the most complete source of content on what is currently going on not only in racing and sled puling but also in home projects that in most cases can be done in only a few short hours i look forward to reading this magazine every month and it helped me plan a list of mods to do to my own diesel so that i improved fuel economy and made it way more fun to drive

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