Reviews For Diabetic Cooking Magazine

You've Got, what can you eat???

Diabetic Cooking provides great recipes and meal ideas geared to those with diabetes; either type 1, type 2, or even anyone who wants to eat well and feel great.
There's a wide-variety of recipe ideas, from soup to nuts, main courses to desserts. I keep all of mine with my cookbooks and use them all the time! Delicious and diabetes can happen! Yum!

Weight Watchers Points friendly, too!

The recipes in these cookbooks are not only great for helping to control your blood sugars, they're also extremely "points friendly" if you're following the Weight Watchers Flex Plan. Most recipes range from 3-5 points per serving, with quite a few on the low end at 2 and very few reaching the high of 7.

diabetic cooking

This is a fantastic magazine for those of us who have the need to prepare diabetic meals, either for ourselves or loved ones. The meals and desserts in this magazine are fantastic, better than any other diabetic cooking magazine I have read thus far! The only drawback is how long it takes for them to finally start the subscription...over 12 weeks! In my opinion that is rediculous.

This is a big help for learning new ways to cook for a diabetic

My husband is diabetic. I've tried other cooking books and diabetic teaching aids,but this was much easier to follow. Great information,and good tasting receipes!

Diabetic Recipes

Good little magazine with great recipes. Great guide for sodium and fat intake as well.