Reviews For Dell Original Sudoku Magazine

Great Classic Mustang Periodical

Mustang Monthly contains something for every classic Mustang lover. From interior resotration and upgrades to Electrical system troubleshooting, this magazine contains tons of useful tips and tricks every month.

I've been a subscriber for less than a year, and I've already been able to replace brake lines, upgrade my rear end, and read about other Mustang projects to get ideas.

This is not a pure stock Mustang magazine. Rather, it is a nice mix of RESTOMOD and stock. I even read the ads.

Bottom line: If you're into classic Mustangs, this magazine is a must read.

THE Mustang magazine

If you're into classic Mustangs, this is the only magazine. Great features on rare cars, plus technical Q&A and detailed how-to articles. I never want to throw one away. Highly recommended!

The benchmark for other Mustang magazines

I have subscribed to or store bought this magazine almost since its inception. If I could buy only one magazine for the rest of my life, this is the one I'd choose. The hobby news, the feature cars, the tech articles are very useful and interesting. Ive saved all my past issues for reference and enjoyment.