Reviews For Dell Crossword Special Magazine

Dell has best variety

I was given a Dell Crossword Special in 1964 when I was in the hospital with a broken leg.
Because I was bedridden, it was very boring until I started doing these puzzles.

I couldn't get enough of them and I bought them as soon as they came out each month or so.
I have been doing these puzzles ever since.
Dell has come out with many different versions of these puzzles and games, but the Special Issues have always been my favorite.

I like these magazines because they feature more than just the basic crossword puzzles.
They have all different and unusual games to complete.

My favorite one is called "Backfire".
The object is very simple all you have to do is find a certain word in a row of sentences.
The hard part is that the letters are all backwards. You have to find the word that they are asking for in the sentence.
Sounds easy but when all the letters are almost the same, it is hard to find that one word they are asking for.

"Laddergrams is another favorite of mine, in this game you are given the definition of a word in one column and you have to put the answer in, then the next definition is given and you put that in the next row, except that the next word is shortened by one letter. That extra letter is placed in a column and that will form another word pertaining to all of the other words therefore giving you the answer to the puzzle.

There are many more games and each issue has different word games with new directions on how to solve each puzzle.
It is more interesting than just crossword puzzles because you never know what new game they have come up with for you to solve.

I have tried PennyPress puzzle and word games, but they always contain the same kind of puzzles each issue and it can get boring.

Dell Puzzle books are more fun to do because you have to figure out how to do the games first before you can solve the puzzles and get the answers.

I don't subscribe to this magazine because there are so many word game magazines by Dell and I like to buy different ones all the time.

Once you start doing these games, you won't be able to put them down.
They are a lot of fun and you will enjoy these games more than just the same crossword puzzles.
If you like more assortment of games, you will enjoy doing these as sometimes they can be very hard to complete and get the final solutions.


For Rainy Days at the Cottage

Dell is one of the premier publishers of all types of pencil puzzle, games, mind logic and crosswords. The Crossword Special publications are my favourite for a rainy day.

Dell Crossword magazines are high quality, and consistent in their clues. You will find if you switch from crossword magazine to crossword magazine, the clues change and the answers don't necessarily remain the same. It can get pretty confusing.

Also, I enjoy the harder puzzles at the end of the book, and the great big Challenger ones at the back. It keeps your mind sharp and expands your vocabulary. Dell has a variety of crossword publications to suit every level. It's a great way to get your children interested in learning new words and improving their spelling and communication skills.