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Deer & Deer Hunting

As America's number one publication for hunting the white-tailed deer, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine provides you with everything you need to know. Each issue of Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine combines detailed information about deer and their behavior with proven hunting tactics used by the experts. Along with information about best hunting practices, you get product and book reviews, useful Q&A's, and news about where to find the best hunting spots.

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Customer Reviews

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    Great resource for hunting whitetails and big game.

    This magazine is a great resource tool for the hunter. Photos, stories, product reviews and overall quality are on target. Read this magazine in the off season to stay on top of your game. This magazine renews your interest in hunting and the great outdoors. A magazine with biology and research for whitetail deer hunters. It contains information on rubs, scrapes, rutting bucks, bow-hunting, gun-hunting, muzzleloading, tactics, camouflage, and Quality Deer Management.

    Deer & Deer Hunting magazine is for serious, analytical hunters who have a year-around passion for whitetail animals and deer hunting. Editorial focuses on hunting techniques,...

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    The Best Deer Hunting Magazine

    I have had a subscription to Deer & Deer Hunting by krause publications for the past 3 years. I have had many other subscriptions to other hunting magazines and this one is the best.

    It only has articles about deer and deer hunting in it. And a nice touch is that the articles run from page to page they are not continued back to another page further in the magazine. No more flipping back and forth to read a complete article. And it has articles for the new or seasoned hunter. I learn something new every time I read a copy and I have been hunting for years.

    Also the photography is excellent. They have tons of new photos not the same...

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    All Deer All the Time

    Many other outdoor sport mags,try to cover too many specialized areas in their "seasonal" approach.Example: if you pick up a November issue of Outdoor Life,it will contain many deer hunting articles.In April,it will be brook fishing,spring bear hunting and turkey hunting.From year to year,although the stories may be fun,the how,where and why stuff is very basic and almost a copy of last season.Nothing against them,that`s the kind of readers they cater to. They want a broad audience.Deer And Deer Hunting,is a specialty mag. It focuses entirely on deer.If you are a finatic over deer hunting,you will love it.The gun,bow and camera hunter will be...

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