Reviews For Cruising World Magazine

The best!

I have subscribed to Cruising World for well over 5 years. It is a wonderful magazine devoted to crusing and for those with the dream to go cruising. If your land-locked but someday want to cruise the ocean blue, subscribe to this magazine, read it cover to cover every month, look at the vibrant pictures and keep the dream alive.

Cruising World

Cruising World Magazine is a monthly publication containing cruising, chartering, sailing and sailboats reviews. The magazine articles covers sailing experience levels from the learner to world cruisers and deal with on board cooking and food, sailing performance, anchorages and anchoring, boat maintenance and boat equipment. There are personal and friendly articles where the author takes you along on their voyage seeing sights, meeting local people, different foods, entertainment and cultures. The magazine is a pleasure to read cover to cover. If you need to see more about the magazine, then go to the free Cruising World web site at [...]

Great mag for sailing enthusiasts or novices

My husband and I look forward to every issue. This mag caters to every level, from gnarly old sailors to weekend hobbyists. Great stories, not too many ads. We learn something new with every issue.

Great Cruising magazine

I find it an excellent mix of how to DIY repairs and reporting on great crusing destinations.
You should try it.

Everything you wanted to know about fishing and then some

This book covers it all. If you sail/cruise and want to catch fish, this guide leaves no stone unturned, or should I say no hook unbated, or... never mind you get the point. It is very, very complete.


It's a good magazine for those who sail today, or plan to someday go long distance cruising. It's a bit slanted towards the more expensive end of boats, and cruising, and I wish they would do more classic plastic and lower end boats, but it contains interesting, well written articles. I recommend it.

Cruising Dreams

This is a great magazine. It contrates on the crusing community. If you
like to dream about "going cursing" this is the mag for you.

I also read Sail and Good Old Boat.