Reviews For Cruise Travel Magazine

The Best Cruise Magazine I Have Seen

'Cruise Travel' is the best cruise magazine that I have seen, and though a fairly thin magazine, is packed with great useful information. I particularly enjoy the Cruise of the Month, Port of the Month, and especially the Ship of the Month features. They also have monthly news updates, and letters to the editor that are normally well selected to give diverse viewpoints, and have frequently brought up issues I had never considered. The number of ads is very reasonable, and they all relate to the subject matter and are therefore not objectionable, like in some other publications I have seen.

I appreciate the attempt to cover all bases and levels of cruising, from the biggest suites on the 'Queen Mary 2' to any party on the sea by Carnival. I am a devoted Celebrity customer, and find the reporting on Celebrity to be spot-on accurate, so I am assuming that it is with other lines that I am not familiar with, too. I especially enjoyed the recent June 2004 issue in which Celebrity's beautiful 'Summit' graced the cover as Ship of the Month.

This magazine is a great resource for anyone considering a cruise, from a first timer to an experienced cruiser. I highly recommend 'Cruise Travel'.

Cruise Travel Magazine - very positive review

Both myself and my partner have been reading Cruise Travel Magazine for many years (for most of it's publication) and have always found it very informative. My partner was a travel agent for a good number of years and would reccommend it to his clients who wanted more information about tre cruises or the ships they were interested in taking.

When we took a cruise together, the reviewers for our cruise were on our ship and did an excellent job, highlighting the positives and appropiatly commenting on the few problems we encountered. It just helped to show that the staff were not "bought" by the cruise lines to be paid advertising. I only wish we had known the reviwers were on board; I would have liked to talk with them - we did not know until that issue came out.

In conclusion, the reviews, photograghs and diagrams are very inclusive and help make this an enjoyable and informative magazine. I highly recommend it for any one interested in cruise ships and cruising.

A very informative magazine for the novitiate and the knowledgeable.

My partner and I led a small group on a cruise (my first; he's a travel agent.) We had subscribed to Cruise Travel for several years and I had always enjoyed looking them over, and then getting to see the ships either in port or getting to do a travel agent tour. On our cruise, unknown to us at the time, were reviewers from Cruise Travel, so we had a nice surprise with the next issue when we got home. They were very thorough and honest and the accompanying pictures were great. I highly recommend the magazine both for an informative review in words and pictures of cruise ships and the ports they visit.

Best magazine for cruisers

I love this magazine and have actually subscribed to it off and on since I began my cruise addiction as a teenager. It is still just as informative and fun to read as ever. Even though I am loyal to one particular cruise line, I still enjoy reading about other lines, historic ships and of course, the ports of call. My only complaint is that it is only published 6 times a year. I wish it were monthly! It is just too long to wait between issues.

Best Cruise Travel Magazine

If you're looking for information on cruising, this magazine is the place to go.

Cruise Travel for Beginners and Experts

I have been subscribing to this magazine for the last nine years, since taking my first cruise 10 years ago. Although a small publication that is published every two months or so, it is full of information. My only complaint is the abundance of ads, but at least they are travel/cruise related, and do feature some great deals with cruise only agents. The one thing Cruise Travel stresses is that cruising is not for the rich set anymore. Each issue has a port of the month -- which might be in the Caribbean or Alaska, Australia, Africa, the Far East or Europe (cruise lines go EVERYWHERE these days). They review a new ship in detail, from cabin size to what one will find on-board. They always feature a ship of the month -- which might be the latest Carnival monstrosity or some ship of more elegance. Their letters to the Editor section is always worth a look, as you see messages from the most experienced to young people in their teens finding a love of cruise ships. Some of the writers are a tad pretentious, wanting cruising to return to the days of the Queen Mary or Mauretania. Others are middle of the road (like myself). Some love what Carnival offers. Most of all, the magazine encourages everyone to find a love of cruise ships and traveling this way. It's a great little magazine I highly recommend, especially if you're just discovering cruising...or just want to daydream.

over all nice mag

"Cruise Travel" is a magazine about cruising, and is generally informative and interesting. Though it seems to mainly pertain to an older reading audience and the photos are not always as interesting or as amazing as the other main cruise travel magazine "Porthole" I am generally pleased with the content of the magazine.