Reviews For Country Magazine

Escape to the Country from your own living room

Country magazine is one I always enjoy reading. I live in the city, and it's always fun to escape to the country even if it's only in the form of looking through a magazine with beautiful pictures.

The pictures are so well done in this magazine and I especially enjoy the ones of the Midwest and the New England States. I can drool over a peaceful farm setting and dream about being there and having some peace and quiet!

I also enjoy the home decorating ideas, even though that's not necessarily what this magazine is all about. There are many pictures taken inside country homes and the decor in most of them have given me many ideas that I can incorporate into my own home decor.

I have gotten lots of quilting and other craft ideas from the magazine as well. There is usually a section for craft ideas with detailed drawings in the how-to section. These are usually projects that just take a short time to do.

Now to my favorite part of the magazine....the recipes. Each recipe comes with a full picture of the finished product, along with a printed recipe that you can tear out of the magazine. The recipes aren't high-falutin' they are down-to-basics and all that I have tried have been delicious. Even if I don't use the whole recipe, I have gotten ideas in this section for things to add to my own recipes I currently use.

Another section I really enjoy is the section for Country Inns and Farm Vacations. This gives you a look and a description of different places around the country that offer bed and breakfast, or hotel accommodations. Most of them have fabulous settings that look so peaceful and cozy.

So, I look forward every month to receiving the Country magazine and taking my mini escape, even if it's only in my mind!


Come to the Country!

If you love the country, then Country Magazine is the one for you!
I lived for years in the country, with deer in the front yard, blue jays on the window sill, and squirrels chattering in the trees. Now I live in the city in a subdivision, with only a few trees in sight, haven't seen a blue jay since I don't know when, and squirrels never venture into our neck of the woods.
But every time I bring home my copy of Country, I sit back and enjoy all the things I miss most about living in the country. The photos are all so pretty, and you feel like you are there. And the articles are so well written, for a while you actually are there!
Want some good advice? Check out the Homesteader Tips. They are sent in by people who have "been there, done that," and I always find a bit of information I can put to good use there.
Looking for quilt patterns, a recipe for Watermelon pie, or maybe you are wondering about the old fashioned games kids used to play? Turn to the section called "Can you help me?" where readers write in and ask for help. What makes this so different from other magazine's question pages, is they print your name and address and the readers write directly to you with their answers. This way the magazine has room for several in each issue, a whole page actually, instead of choosing a few and answering the questions in the magazine.
If it's country, this magazine covers it, from the How I Bring Country Home to The View From Our Place. So, to steal a few words from another of their regular features, C'mon, Lets Head for the Country...!


Peaceful Interlude

The first time I became acquainted with this magazine I was delighted! That was 13 years ago and it has been one of my favorites ever since. It is filled with photographs from all over. I especially enjoy the pictures of the view from a subscribers back door. It is amazing to see that there are a few people who still live a peaceful life in our world today.

There are many great articles and be sure to watch for the "needle in a haystack" it is quite a challenge.

Some of my favorite recipes have also come from Country.

The very best discovery you will make when you open your first issue is that there are NO ADVERTISEMENTS! That's right! Not one! What a bonus!



One year for Christmas, a friend sent me a subscription of "Country" magazine for a whole year. This bi-monthly publication quickly became something I looked forward to receiving in my mailbox. After my subscription ended, I re-subscribed for two years.The main attraction this magazine holds for me is the beautiful photographs sent in by subscribers of the things that touches their lives. There are many serene scenes of nature in her glory, children on the farm, animals, and more! Even my younger children sit down to enjoy the photos! There are also stories sent in by readers of life's beauty, the goodness of neighbors, humorous quips, and the animals who have made a difference in a person's life. One of my personal favorites is on horses who have helped on the farm. But since every issue is filled with different stories, I find it hard to choose what I like best.If you enjoy sharing in the life and tales of others, seeing the beauty our country has to offer, and chuckling at the antics of children at play, then I strongly recommend this magazine to you. It will quickly become one that you treasure!


If you love to travel in the US

This magazine has beautiful pictures, heartwarming stories and as a bonus, a laugh or two. It covers the countryside of all of the United States and reminds you of a slower, more genteel time. It makes you want to plan a trip to view the scenery for yourself. If you long for life outside of the city, you'll enjoy this obvious labor of love.

Beautiful photos not found elsewhere. Stories of life on the farm.

Beautiful photos of country-side, farms, homes, horses, and country people from all over the U.S. and Canada. You do not find these photos elsewhere, and of this great quality.

Stories, and week-long diaries written by the readers of their life on the farm. No advertisements; except a 1-page section of the magazine store. "Country", "Country-extra", and "Farm and Ranch" magazines from Reiman publications. Might not interest city slickers; unless they love country folk.


There is something in this magazine for everyone who lives, or wishes they did, in rural America. The best part about this magazine is that most of it is written by and about regular "just folks". While the slick photographs won't take a backseat to any magazine, bar none, it's the down to home articles that keep me renewing my subscription. As the old saying goes "try it, you'll like it".

Mom loves it

I renew a subscription to Country every year for my mother. She loves the magazine. I've browsed a few issues and it's enjoyable. Not something I would buy for myself, simply because it's not a main area of interest for me, but nice.