Reviews For Country Sampler Magazine

If you love crafts, you'll love "Country Sampler"

I never miss an issue of Country Sampler. In every issue are hundreds of wonderful items that you can purchase, either completed or as kits. I am an avid crafting person and am always on the lookout for new ideas. Many items that they show can be done by yourself at home. All it takes is a little imagination. There are many others magazines on the market that gives you the same opportunity, but none that offer so many in one magazine. I save all my past issues and when I am ready to embark on a new project, go through them for ideas. From these ideas I have made many gift items that my family and friends enjoy.


Great Magazine

If you love "country" style decorating this is the magazine for you. I love it. They feature amazing homes all decorated beautifully. I get many ideas for my house from this magazine. Well worth the price. I just renewed for another year. One of my favorites.

Best country magazine around

This is by far the best country magazine that I have come across. I have subscribed to a few country magazines in the past but discontinued them all when I found this one. Definately worth the price. I look forward with great anticipation every issue, and I too wish that it came every month- that is my only gripe!!

Love the country items.

I am a country girl and am so glad they have this magazine. Country Sampler is a fun and up to date magazine. Not only can you get great country ideas you can also find the best decor. Love this magazine wish they had one every month.

awesome decorating ideas!!

Love this magazine! Every issue is an array of new ideas for decorating. I keep past issues on file and refer to them often, as the seasons change. It is so nice to have the direct connection to the vast catalog of venders. The back pages even list the websits of venders. The editors have taken care and time to make sure the accompaning photos show the products and display ideas for the reader.

country sampler review

Country Sampler is always interesting to look at and there are items to purchase which I have not done yet. If you like country collectibles, it is a good magazine to peruse. Some items are a little too expensive for the quality but overall I rate this a 4 out of 5 stars.