Reviews For Country Gardens Magazine

Magazine that everyone can enjoy!

I love this magazine! This magazine has all kinds of different ideas and tips for the home and garden. There are how-to sections so that you can learn neat things like how to decorate wreaths with fresh flowers (for example). The best thing about this magazine is that it not only shows you pictures of beautiful gardens it actually gives you the drawn plans with a list of what and how many things to plant (so that you can make your garden or landscape look just like the picture). It gives information about the different zones, so that you know which plants will work best in your climate. I highly recommend this magazine to anyone who is a garden or landscape lover!


Great reading for true gardners

I have been receiving this magazine for about a year now and would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about gardening. Unlike other gardening magazines, the majority of this magazine is NOT advertisements. The articles range from garden design to long lasting perennials to garden related crafts. This magazine does not stray from it's purpose, which is to provide creative ideas, techniques and opinions about garden related issues. The articles are straight forward and useful.

I often find that garden magazines tend to relate to unexperienced gardeners only, by merely offering repetitive information about seasonal annual flowers, bulbs and so forth. However, this magazine has allowed me to expand my already vast knowledge and interest in gardening. It has brought to my attention flowers that I rarely hear about, let alone find in garden shops. For instance, one day when I opened my new issue, I was thrilled to see an article about a long blooming compact perennial, Stokesia. I was given this plant by my mother who had been given it over seven years earlier. Despite my effort to find it in local shops, I never had much success. This article gave this flower a wonderful review and vivid description. Hopefully it encouraged more gardeners and plant nurseries to become familiar with it as well.

This is one of the few magazines that I choose to read cover to cover. I typically do not even subscribe to magazines in an attempt to preserve paper and reduce pollution. However, I don't feel guilty about getting this magazine because it is so insightful that I actually keep it and refer to them occasionally when I am researching particular plants or ideas. I hope that you find this magazine as useful as I have. HAPPY GARDENING!


Great Gardening Magazine

This magazine is a must if you like your gardens informal but beautiful. This magazine is almost devoid of ads and much of the editorial content is very informative for both the novice and advanced gardener. The photography is excellent. I've been a subscriber for years and it's my favorite gardening magazine.

Got first issue

Really nice magazine with a different flavor to it. All about cute gardens. Hope the publication continues to prosper.

Love this magazine

I sit and read this magazine front to back. I have been getting this magazine for years and it is a great resource to have if you love to landscape and garden.

Country Gardens magazine

I guess you only get 4 magazines per year, but it is a nice magazine with lots of helpful ideas.

Things you'd like to do, but never will

Very good tips for the gardener. This magazine makes it look like you can do it at home. But, of course, you probably won't.

nice gardens, excessive ads

There is some nice articles and lovely photos in this magazine. Like many these days, this magazine has a glut of ads.

My Gardens

I haven't had much time to peruse or read this magazine. I am glad I ordered it. I think it will be helpful in planning my flowers and shrubs for next summer. I live in the state of North Dakota.