Reviews For Cottages & Bungalows Magazine

Surprised by Content

I kept getting cards to subscribe to Tea Time for about three years before I finally sent the card back. I thought it would be frilly and useless. I was very surprised by its content...pleasantly surprised! Not only does this magazine contain useful information on how to take tea, but also delicious recipes, interesting interviews, great ideas and fantastic articles about places to visit. Well written, beautiful photography, informative content, and an easy lay-out; Hoffman Media, thank you for providing some much needed grace and gentility to an otherwise coarse world! My home will never be without Tea Time!


I even like the ads in this magazine.

Everything is about being a little bit feminine, enjoying some 'me time', living in beauty and generally slowing down to enjoy what is around us.

The recipes are seasonally appropriate. There are lots and lots of recipes and they are about the yummy tea time type recipes. Chicken salad, napoleans, dainty cookies, tiny sandwhiches and more. Yummy.

The pictures are lovely and only add to the text.

This is truly an enjoyable magazine.

Inspiring & Mouth Watering

My nephew gave me my first copy of this wonderful magazine - and I was hooked. It is high quality in all areas. The photography is fabulous and overall quality top rated. The magazine is filled with great recipes for Tea Parties, or anytime, as well as highlighting a tea shop. I would say my only "complaint" is that they don't include some of the recipes from the tea shop they have visited, but perhaps those are ones the shop doesn't want to share. I like that even though there are a lot of ads, it is not overpowering at all -- the recipes and articles are what you really focus on. I would recommend this to any Tea lover... especially those who love Tea Parties.

A Favorite Magazine, even just for the pictures!

Ok I don't drink tea, not the kind most of you drink. Religiously speaking I don't do the green tea or black teas, so Roo-bos and herbal are the only ones I use. But this book still covers all the wonderful things-- TEA, like afternoon tea sandwich recipes, scones, desserts, ever had a tea party with your Granddaughter or a Teddy bear picnic with your son, the beauty of the pages and table settings are inspiring and the recipes, many are easy even for beginning cooks. This Magazine has as many or more nice table settings and themed Holiday ideas as any Martha Stewart Magazine! I know you'll love it! I do! The Queen of Tweaking!