Reviews For Combat Handguns Magazine

Great, broad coverage for those who carry

This is my favorite gun magazine. I've subscribed to guns and ammo, shooting times, rifle shooter, etc.
If you carry or are considering it, it is a wealth of info... real-life legal issues by Massad Ayoob, "I was there" experiences from those who carry, suggested training exercises, even body guard training and scenarios. Columnists respond to questions in letters to the editor.
There are also gun reviews, a section on holsters and new stuff on the gun market.
So, if you carry, or are interested in considering it, this is a great magazine.

Nothing But a .45

While holding promise, Combat Handguns ultimately falls short, serving a very narrow audience. The magazine focuses almost exclusively on the 45-caliber weapon and every possible incarnation it could conceivably have. If you are interested obtaining information about any other caliber and how it pertains to your self-defense needs, you will find almost no information whatsoever. Its content seems to consist largely of slick color advertisements from a wide variety of manufacturers. It does have some informative legal and self-defense articles, but these are often packaged in the most inflammatory manner possible with titles like, `It's A Three on One Showdown, AND THEY'VE GOT YOUR WIFE!!!' If your looking for a gun magazine that focuses on the handgun try Guns and Ammo's Handgun magazine, it is far more balanced. Unless you're into 45's and kidnapped wives, then this is your magazine.