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Coin Prices

The ultimate guide to the hobby of coin collecting. Coin Prices magazine is the complete resource to retail values for collectable US coins. Each issue begins with a detailed market updates compiled by the editorial staff, and special features include reports on Canadian and Mexican coins, colonial coins, errors and unique varieties and selected issues of US paper money.

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Customer Reviews

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    Instant coin values

    Every 6 weeks I make a quick trip to the local book store to buy this magazine. Why? Because it is the most complete value guide on prices that the average collector can get their hands on. Not only does it give values from 1 cent through silver and gold commemoratives, but also proof sets, uncirculated rolls, and mint sets. Also, their are interesting extra sections added each issue. For instance, In a recent issue, their was a guide to classify and price your error coins, and this month, large size paper money prices are included. I always have an issue on hand when I go to a coin show. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll be satisfied by its listings.


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    What's It Worth?

    I have been a subscriber for the last three years of Coin Prices. It is a surprising magazine because not only does it list the current value of all grades of United States minted coins but has articles that are mini lessons on the grading, identification, errors, and varieties of U.S coins. It also lists commemoratives, and a different type of unusual coins in each issue. I subscribe to several other publications but rely on Coin Prices more than the others. It's easier to use, understand and attempts to give trends on climbing values of other coins. The only drawback I have to this publication is the number of advertisements that break up the flow of...

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    Coin Prices - better than Coin Values

    Coin Prices is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, value guide, aside from CDN Greysheet, for the numismatic hobbiest. It is much easier to use than the Greysheet, more economical, and has listings occasionally for Mexican coins, Canadian coins, and U.S. Currency. The values listed are far more realistic than the values listed in Coin World's Coin Values publication. I would recommend this magazine to anyone in the hobby, whether they be a collector, investor, or dealer, Coin Prices is, by far, the best.

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