Reviews For Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine

Cloth Paper Scissors THE BETST

Cloth Paper Scissors is without a doubt the BEST magazine out there for mixed media artists. The magazine articles are beautifully done; lots of "how-to's"; easy to understand directions and dynamite photos.

A wonderful resource for textile and paper artists

Bravo to the folks at Quilting Arts, LLC, for another wonderful magazine! As with the inspiring Quilting Arts Magazine, Cloth/Paper/Scissors is filled with well-organized information about techniques, interesting articles about artists, etc., all beautifully photographed on quality paper. Well done!


This is a great zine to have if you love art, like to look at art, want to learn how to do the art--or just love mixed media art, paper art, or sewing projects, etc. You cannot go wrong. It is beautifully photographed, well organized and just special. I love this magazine so much I have kept every issue and refer to them often. You will too.

Cloth Paper Scissors Is a Great Artistic Discovery

Cloth Paper Scissors is a beautiful full color magazine that can inspire and excite an individual to create their own works of art. The magazine is published six times per year, and covers a wide range of doable projects for mixed media enthusiasts.

The January/February 2008 issue included projects with scrap wood and paint, the joys of blogging, how to paint an art apron, and painting a gouache resist gelatin print.

The samples are professional and artistic, and a stong goal to strive for in your art work. Enjoyable to look at and read!

All I can say it that I love it

I can't wait until the next issue!!!

Instant Inspiration!

Just when I was feeling low in my "creative mind" someone gave me C/P/S for Christmas! wow! I want to subscribe. So many new ideas or new ways of doing things I had thought about but couldn't figure out--like rusting things. My January will be filled with days of "play" and new techniques for my collage work. l.Sue Smith, Artist, St. Louis, MO

Solid inspiration resource with artist-based articles. Love it!

Working in paper mediums (photography, collage, paper sculpturals) I was happy to stumble upon this magazine last year. You will find articles and featured artists - primarily focusing on the media arts in the magazine's title. Consistently, this has been a source for both visual and written inspiration, and sometimes, direction and art-making sparks.

Though the subscription price may be restrictive for some ('tis a bit pricey for the amount of issues per subscription), it's worth a look!


Checked out mag site and cost is about the same as here as of 10/2009