Reviews For Click Magazine

Another Great Magazine for Pre-Readers/Emerging Readers

I've been subscribing to Click, along with its sister publication, Ladybug, for about 2 years now. It's a great way to introduce the "real world" to my 5-year-old.

As an earlier review noted, each issue has a specific theme. For example, the last few issues were titled "At The Zoo", "In The Night Sky", "In The Islands", and "Busy Cities". This makes each issue like a mini-book, to be read and re-read, depending on your child's interest in the topic of the month.

Even if the current issue's topic doesn't engage your child, he/she will still want to read it, if only to see the recurring features, such as "Click & The Kids" and "Yo Wants To Know". This combination is a great way to introduce new topics in a familiar setting.

The writing is fresh and much more interesting to young minds than what you find in some other kids' magazines. Each story is well-illustrated. A given issue will have a variety of types of writing - cartoons, photoessays, non-fiction articles, 4-5 page fiction stories, and ideas of things to do.

This mix is great for kids with variable attention spans - if he/she can sit for 30 minutes, you can read the whole magazine. If 5 minutes, or 15 minutes, is today's limit, you can find something to fit that span.

Finally, as another reviewer noted, the magazine is written at several different comprehension levels, meaning that it spans the suggested age range quite well, with something for everyone, and that you can go back and read old issues with more mature eyes and get a new experience.

All in all, this magazine has been a great source of information for my son, and I recommend it highly.

Click and we're off !

Click is a kids magazine that addresses the physical world in a way that appeals across a broad age range.

The Cricket Group seems to have cut its teeth on first literary magazines (Spider and Cricket), but Click is the complement, discussing the real concrete world of "people who work at night", "where things come from", "on the moon", and "surviving in the desert".

The articles range from early read-it-yourself to longer listening stories. Recurring cartoons with text "Clicks and the kids", "Yo wants to know" and "Beatrice Black Bear" are perennial favorites.

The real magic to Click is that it is a preferred read for both our 7 and 4 year olds. That is a tough spread, but Click has and is the favorite. When its time to read to both, or time for a warm comfort, Click is it.

When you order, find a safe place to keep the issues, because they will be read and re-read. And if you are doing the re-reading, you may want to refresh with last year's issue.

Excellent magazine

My four year old and seven year old enjoy this magazine which is published by the Smithsonian and Cricket. Working with one theme (ie, gardens, animal homes, working animals, flight, communication, etc.) the magazine presents the material with stories, comic strips, non-fiction articles and games. The issues are 36 pages long, not too long to read in one sitting, but thorough and satisfying. The photographs and illustrations are attractive and informative. The only complaint I have about it is that there are only nine issues in twelve months, a problem in my house since my older children's magazines come every month. Otherwise, this is an excellent magazine and well worth the money.

Yeah, what they said. Plus....

...once you tear out the subscription cards, there are no ads (unless you count one unobtrusive one buried in the publisher's information, telling you how to renew your subscription or order a slipcase).

Each issue includes a tear-out activity...a craft or game related to that issue's theme.

The cast of characters is fairly diverse with various races represented. And if you like your child's reading material to be secular, this magazine fits the bill.

My 4 year old and I look forward to each's a little expensive for 9 issues, but it's worth it!

Escaping the tyranny of commercialism

We have been happy subscribers to Cricket magazines from our first issue of Babybug. Now that he's five, my son treasures his subscription to Click and reads it cover to cover the minute it arrives. The magazine is informative, enjoyable, and fun--the articles feature a well-balanced mix of topics, the illustrations are varied and clever, and the writing is top-notch. All of this is apparent to any one who glances through an issue of the magazine.

What's just as wonderful about Click to me is its ability to create a world totally apart from the general realm of children's media. Not only is this world imaginative and stimulating, it is also completely free of the overbearing commercialism that dominates the everyday culture of children. No brand names, no licensed characters, no endless encouragements to consume.

I am a mom trying to raise children who are curious, creative, and capable of pursuing a wide range of interests. Click supports them in all of this, and it does so by clearing a space where they can truly be themselves.

Great teaching tool for curious preschoolers!

I have been a fan of Cricket magazines since I first subscribed to Babybug when my daughter was a baby. She is now 3.5 years-old and I currently subscribe to Ladybug and Click. Ladybug takes off from Babybug in that it has stories and poems that are illustrated in full-color and the text is engaging for young and aspiring readers.

Click is a magazine for preschoolers and beginning readers who are curious about the world we live in - the magazine explores different themes in every issue, for e.g. transportation etc. The explanations are brief so kids will not get bored, and there are plenty of pictures and illustrations to capture young children's imagination. I found that when I took the trouble to sit with my daughter and discuss the concepts being explored in the magazine [asking leading questions, getting her response to the pictures, providing her opportunities to formulate her own opinions], the result was a rewarding session.

I would recommend Click for preschoolers and beginner readers. It is a great companion to Ladybug [which focuses on poems and stories] and both provide a good balance for children in terms of exposure to language and knowledge. The magazines are also ad-free, which is a great bonus!

Kid-friendly, parent-approved

Click is one of the best magazines out there for the 4 to 6 year old age group. Great photos, great articles that explain interesting themes in a simple, concrete, but never patronizing way, and lovely complementary cartoons.

Best of all, there are NO ADVERTISEMENTS. Yup. Just pure reading pleasure for you and your kids.

good but not excellent

My daughter is 6 years old and I thought she would love this magazine based on all the other reviews but she didn't. Don't get me wrong she liked for me to read the stories to her but she hasn't asked for it since the day we got it.