Reviews For Cleveland Magazine

A must have.

I have picked up this magazine a couple of times before where ever I might find them. So I am sitting in my doctor's office and there I am reading the magazine. All of sudden it hits me, "why don't I have a subscription to this magazine"?
Cleveland Magazine is a must have for people in Northeast Ohio if you want to know what is going on. I love it because of how it breaks down the restaurants by type of food, price, location, and even what type of credit cards they accept. This is great for anyone who loves to dine out and is looking for something new to try. It is always a great source for business that you never heard of but are right down the street. It lets you know what festivals are coming up, what out of the way events are going on, and where to party is going to be this month! If you live in Northeast Ohio and you want to get out on the town and try new things or just find out where the hot spots are you need to pick up this magazine, you wont be disappointed!