Reviews For Clean Eating Magazine

Love/Hate Relationship

I've subscribed to this magazine for over a year and recently renewed for two years. Every issue is full of tips on eating healthy, new foods to try, etc. But I agree with the other reviewer on the recipes...they are SO hit and miss. For every one I make that works (my favorite was a cookie made from almond butter, succanat and chocolate--that's it) there are three others that come out very bland--and I've been on a reduced sodium diet for several years. But I do enjoy getting ideas on how to eat better, so I continue reading.

Great motivation, OK recipes

Despite giving this magazine only three stars, I will say that I end up buying/subscribing often...the exercise ideas, the short 'tip'-type stories, and the simple recipes are all great motivation and inspiration. But, as a fairly experienced amateur baker and cook, I find many of the recipes fall short (either instructions are incomplete or inaccurate, or the quantities are a bit off, or the end product looks ridiculously different from the photos). I can really only remember one baking failure on my own part with any other cookbook or magazine recipe, but everything I've tried from the magazine has had at least one problem. And while the simple, straight forward cooking recipes I've tried from the magazine have come out well, the more complex recipes have not (or I have had to significantly fill in the blanks of the instructions, as they failed to explain how to do some steps). So if you are not experienced in the kitchen, I highly recommend sticking to the simple stuff or finding a different source for recipes. The magazine has good quality photos and fitness advice, and is well laid out.