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Chile Pepper

Where are the best restaurants for spicy foods in different cities? Which celebrities share your love of the chile? Here's where you'll find out. America's premier hot and spicy food magazine features the latest in fiery food destinations, hot chef profiles, sizzling recipes, and even gardening tips, to the most on-fire fan of this hottest of peppers.

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Customer Reviews

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    Everything for Chili-heads!

    This is THE magazine for those who like it hot.

    While there is plenty of coverage of the so-hot-it-will-burn-your-face-off items, the bulk of the magazine covers mouth watering cooking that will be sure to please at any level of heat. Each issue includes about 50-75 recipes, all of which are high quality, useful, and practical. A recipe index in the front of the magazine lists all the recipes by category.

    Chili Pepper is printed on glossy paper and contains loads of beautiful photographs. In fact, the ads are also exceptionally beautiful and colorful, and in no way detract from the overall aesthetics of the magazine. Hot sauces, salsa, powders, kitchen...

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    A great magazine

    This is one of the most fun food magazines I have ever come across. It has plenty of good recipes that are relatively accessible to the average cook, but it also has lots of articles that are both informative & entertaining.

    The primary focus (of course) is on hot and spicy foods, but it also concentrates on any number of regional cuisines that are not necessarily scorching hot. A issue highlighting salsas, for example, will have a fair number of high-Scoville recipes, but will also include flavorful salsas that are intended to enhance a main course rather bring beads of sweat to your forehead. A neophyte will better understand that a salsa...

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    spice pleasure

    If your looking for new and creative food to tickle the taste-buds, This is it. it has lots of great recipe's from sauces, meat's, appetizers, drinks and much much more. I wish this came out every month.

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