Reviews For Charlotte Magazine

Charlotte Magazine

Love this magazine. This is a great way to buy a magazine and at a good price.

Good and Getting Better

Charlotte Magazine has improved greatly during the 4 years I've lived in Charlotte. My impression 4 years ago was that the articles didn't have much depth and covered the local area with an almost marketing like view of Charlotte (everything's great here!). It just didn't present balanced and critical content as you would find in a great city magazine such as the Washingtonian. Fortunately, during the last 4 years the magazine has improved and now the articles have depth and demonstrate critical thinking and balanced views; which you won't find in the shallow and barely literate Charlotte Observer. The still have a little way to go, but they've made great progress in the quality of the publication, which is why I subscribed. The "event's" section is good for mainstream actives and covers quite a large number of events. Their coverage of unique, local retail shops and restaurants is also very good. If you live in Charlotte or plan to move here, I recommend you subscribe.

Great magazine that provides lots of information

I only gave the magazine 4-stars because I wasn't sure what constituted a 5-star magazine. I bought the magazine because I am interested in learning about Charlotte and the State of North Carolina in general. For that, the magazine is great. Plenty of articles of information, and the pictures are fantastic. This is a very high quality magazine and if you're interested in learning about the culture of Charlotte, this is a great place to start. I've only had one issue delivered so far, but it was chock full of info, including a listing of DRs. in the are that you might need. Of course, the emphasis is on "what to do and see in Charlotte", but the magazine goes way deeper than that and provided just about everything you need to learn about the area.