Reviews For Cesar's Way Magazine

Best information magazine around

I am not from New Mexico, nor do I live there. But I have a definite love of New Mexico because of this magazine. I have read it for years and eaten up every word. This magazine makes me feel as if I am from New Mexico. I feel like I know the state, yet have only been there a few times. If I had my way, I definitely would live there the rest of my life. Alas, I can only dream...and read New Mexico Magazine to keep my desire alive!

I definitely recommend this magazine for anyone who loves the state, loves the arts, loves the lifestyles that abound in New Mexico. I will be renewing my subscription yearly, since this is my favorite magazine.

A wonderful insight into an enchanted -- and enchanting -- state

During 40 years of marriage, it's been possible for me to do a few things triumphantly. Two examples: I took my wife to New Mexico 30 years ago, having been there on a business trip, and she fell in love with the state during our ten day trip. (We've returned several times, and recently bought a second home in Santa Fe to seal the deal, as it were.) The second was a subscription to this magazine ten years or more ago; we both devour each edition, and usually find a great deal to love (the February 2010 issue struck us as a clinker, but that is really unusual -- the March issue was a triumph.)

The New Mexico Tourism Department describes the magazine accurately:

"New Mexico Magazine, the oldest state magazine, is an award-winning monthly publication for people who love the Land of Enchantment. The magazine offers a lively mix of stories and commentary about history, travel, art, cuisine and life in New Mexico. Spectacular color photographs showcase the natural beauty of our state from breathtaking sunrises to stunning sunsets. Every issue includes a calendar of events, recipes and suggestions for daytrips. New Mexico Magazine is a division of the New Mexico Tourism Department."

One of the very best features for book lovers is a column devoted to books, poetry and music of New Mexico and the Southwest in general. The magazine also sponsors the New Mexico Book Awards, a list of over twenty "best" books in a wide variety of categories.

If you have any interest in New Mexico, this magazine is well worth a trial subscription. We love it, and think you will too.

Robert C. Ross 2010