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The Best is Getting Better!!!

Casino Player is a monthly subscription magazine that tries to be all things to all casino enthusiasts, and usually succeeds. From the mathematic and probability computations for the video poker fan by guru Bob Dancer, to Jean Scott's wonderful column The Frugal Gambler, which gives first-timers and seasoned players alike excellent information on how to get comps (which are freebees---sort of---that the casinos give their customers.), this outstanding publication delivers first-rate information for travelers to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Tunica to use to make their stays more enjoyable and profitable. Recently, Casino Player has seen fit to substantially overhaul their content, adding more first-rate columnists such as Basil Nestor (who deals with gaming's colorful and illustrious history), and adding more coverage to new areas of the country as gaming (not gambling; the correct term these days is gaming) continues to expand into new markets such as Southern California and the Upper Midwest. The results show a decided improvement in both the magazine's content and range of coverage, though not without some sacrifices along the way. Unfortunately, two of the magazine's best columns have recently been lost in the shuffle: The Aggrivated Gambler, a forum for dealing with unpleasant casino experiences and how to cut through red tape, written by the very fine writer Melissa Fine; and Mystery Tourist, a nonbylined column which explores the offerings of a different resort every month under the guise of anonymity. However, the new additions more than make up for the losses. Hopefully, now that coverage is being reapportioned, more attention can be given to such oft-neglected (Las Vegas) gems such as the Monte Carlo, Luxor, Treasure Island (or TI, as it is now called) and the Stratosphere; a lovely profile of local Coast Properties fave the Orleans just appeared in last month's issue, so perhaps steps are being taken in that direction. In any case, whether you are an experienced or neophyte gamer, you will want to subscribe to the new and improved Casino Player ASAP. With all their recent upgrades, there's no doubt that the best gaming magazine in the industry is certainly getting better!!!

A must-read for any gambling fan

Casino Player is the end-all magazine for the serious gambler (and the gambler who likes weekend fun with lots of comps!). It is one of the pricier magazines, but the cost is well worth it, and it isn't over-run with advertising.

The letters to the editor touch on basic gaming, slot, and comp questions, and I always glean useful information from the Q&A section. The magazine content covers slot machines, video poker strategy and probability, table game strategy and expected pay-offs, investing in the gaming industry's publicly-held corporations, and reviews of properties, restaurants, and shows. I always read it before heading to Vegas to learn what is new and happening on the Strip and in the area.

Casino Player provides balanced coverage of Vegas, Atlantic City, Indian properties, and riverboat casinos. As a Southern CA native, I usually skim features outside Vegas, but the magazine should be commended for reaching out to gamblers in all parts of the country.

Dave's Review

Great magazine. Shows not only the high end of gaming, but where to go and how to get your money's worth.

Love it.

Card Player Magazine, this one (Casino Player), and Poker Pro are my favs.
Nolan Dalla, J. Phillip Vogel, and Rob Wiser are great writers and have add to the entertainment and knowledge of poker and the casinos live and online.

Ended up getting Strictly Slots magazine in error!

I've ordered this magazine, Casino Player, in May 2009. Later, in July, I get Strictly Slots magazine in the mail instead of what I ordered! I'm a blackjack player and a slots magazine is nearly worthless to me. What the hell?