Reviews For Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine

Read it slowly...

I try to read this magazine slowly, allowing myself to dream I am on the trip with the writers. The magazine has something for everyone, whether you want an adventure or budget or luxury, the tips and even the ads are helpful in planning a Caribbean vacation just right for you.

Avid reader & experienced traveler

Excellent mag, not just fancy pics of expensive resorts! It shows the real caribbean w/ real people. Great articles about regular people who travel to, live in or just love the caribbean.

Caribbean Travel & Life is the best!

Caribbean Travel & Life is the best magazine to keep you on top of what's going on in the Caribbean. New resorts are featured, and extensive information is provided for island destinations. I can't wait to open an issue after going to the mailbox. This is definitely a first class publication.

Good Magazine

Great for whatever your needs are, awesome stunning pictures, great for trip planning. Aint much else i need to say is there? I'm gonna try it out for another year.

Excellent pictures, good travel magazine

While CT+L (luckily) doesn't insist on having some type of rating in every issue that Conde Nast is obsessed with (Gold List/Best of/yada yada yada), I would like to see more critical writing and fewer pages of advertising at the end of the magazine. However, I already get Florida T+L so I knew what to expect: lots of pretty pictures and an occasional article out of the ordinary.