Reviews For Camping Life Magazine

Great Magazine

I love this magazine not only for the Camper and RV articles but the great assortment of information on destinations, first aid, buyer's guides etc. And the photography is first rate.

Nice camping magazine

My husband and I are car campers, with our tent, and we love this magazine. It is one of the few that we've subscribed to that we both read and make sure we renew every year. We like the reviews of the various new camping gear -- some things are cool, and some things we laugh about, but it is nice to see what ideas are out there. Once a year this magazine publishes an issue that includes current major US campgrounds, which we enjoy looking over. Of course you can find these things online, but it is nice to have it in a magazine that you can take with you. I like the campfire story at the end of each issue. They also do a nice job of profiling various parks (state & national) around the country, in various issues. This isn't so much for hard-core backpackers -- I've done some backpacking -- but more for car campers like us. We would like to get a little pop-up A-liner or Chalet type camper at some point in the future, and we love the pictures and profiles of the smaller-end campers. They also review tents and other gear. There are a fair number of ads, but they are all for outdoor things, and we like them since we don't live near a camping/outdoors store and it's interesting to see what is available. The pictures are great. If you're a car camper, I think you will like this magazine. If you want more info, you can go to the website:

O.k. , but just O.k.!

We recently purchased a popup trailer and subscribed to PopUp Times magazine. I was looking for another magazine also that was devoted to camping and family. Came across Camping Life. I bought an issue to see how we liked it before subscribing. I'm glad I did! While the magazine is O.k., it's not exactly what I was looking for in a family oriented camping magazine. Seems to me the articles were geared toward upper average income families that just "have to have" the name brand most popular at the time. I felt like I was reading a magazine devoted to "keeping up with the Jones'"! Also, I was a little dissappointed that the magazine only comes out every other month. With as much ads in this magazine, it does not take long to read it.

'Camping Life' Might Better be called 'Camper Life'

Although 'Camping Life' does contain a nice article or two each issue, the thrust of the magazine seems more to be a showcase of nice big campers/RV's rather than the experience of camping and related camping activities. I subscribed sight unseen from the boy next door who was selling subscriptions for school. I will definitely let this subscription lapse. There's just not enough love of camping and the outdoors in the magazine. However, if your camping interests run more to great big RV's and all the related gear, you might find some value here that I did not.

Nothing but ads

If they made a television station with nothing but commercials, it would be like this magazine. Had the publisher been more forthcoming, they would have entitled it "RV Reviews" or something of that nature. There is little in this magazine having to do with actual camping. It's almost exclusively RV articles. I'm not opposed to RV camping (I rather enjoy RV'ing too) but I was under the impression that it covered tent camping as well. It does precious little of that! The most unacceptable portion of the magazine is the fact that it's just pages and pages of ads for RV's and RV-related items. I wouldn't even recommend this to an RV owner as there just really aren't all that many articles here. The few articles they have are pretty good, but not great. Look elsewhere for a good camping magazine.

brief and commercial

this magazine will mostly give you complex advertizing disguised as ?reviews? and reports. very little practical use.

Mag sucks

I love camping and the outdoors so imagine my surprise when I found a magasine about camping. What a let down. It had way too many ads and most of the articles was trailer "camping" with veery little substance to the articles at that. In the end it sucks.