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Calliope covers curriculum-mandated world history themes showing readers that world history is a continuation of events. Maps, time lines, activities, and photographs are included.

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Customer Reviews

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    Muse about World History

    Calliope, a monthly magazine published during the school year aimed at upper elementary school students, tries to inspire a love of history in its readers. Each issue focuses on a particular element of world history, be it a region, a very famous person, or a common subject that applies across many world cultures.

    Unlike many so-called world history magazines that focus primarily on western cultures, Calliope gives at least equal time to Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, and other Eastern cultures. It may actually err on the side of ignoring Western culture just a tad to devote more space to the less studied cultures. Many of the issues center on a specific...

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    VERY educational world history mag

    When I was in elementary and junior high school, I thought learning about ancient civilizations was incredibly boring. But CALLIOPE presents information that actually makes world history interesting. The magazine's editors and writers make sure that readers understand how societies of long ago are making an impact in our lives right now. And that's worth learning about! The variety of topics covered (each issue has a theme) is outstanding--from the French Revolution to the dynasties of China to the Olympic games, just to name a few. The stories and activities are engaging. The photos and illustrations are top-notch. Only criticism I have--I wish CALLIOPE...

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    Calliope is a great resource for budding history buffs and teachers alike; each theme-based issue explores a topic in-depth, providing the reader with all sorts of fascinating information. Non-fiction articles, activities, and maps help explain some of the most interesting topics in world history. (Ancient Rome, Ramesses the Great, Genghis Kahn, and the Greek Olympics are just some of the recent and upcoming themes.) Calliope is geared towards kids 9 and up; however, some of the articles would be better suited for the 11 and up set (at times, the writing style seems more middle school than elementary school appropriate). Even so, bright and ambitious 9...

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