Reviews For Brew Your Own Magazine

Great Home Brewer Mag.

I love it and read it cover to cover every month. I am a avid home brewer and Liek the information they provide. It caters to the little guy doing extract batches on the stove top to people like me who do all grain in converted Keg systems.
I would not wait any longer sign up now.


Still the best information for homebrewers

I see some of these reviews dated 2004 and 2003 and I want to reassure everyone that this is still the best source of information for home brewers available in a magazine. I wish that they would go to a full 12 months schedule instead of the every other month in winter schedule they have now. With style guidelines and features as well as how-to articles and the section "Ask Mr. Wizard" is a great help. The readership is large enough that if some mis-information is printed about a product or style in one issue, some industry expert is going to clarify the issue next month.

mmm beer

I have been brewing for about 5 years or so and this magazine has been very informative and helpful. The tips and tricks to make you go from a plastic bucket and pre-boxed beer kit maker (don't get me wrong these make great homebrew) to have the confidence to expand to glass carboys (double fermentation) and developing your own ingredient lists and recipies. It has lots of tips for beginners and for advanced brewers alike. A good mix in my opinion for a brewing magazine.

BYOB is for ME!

Excellent magazine for the homebrewer. I look forward to each issue. There is no fluff in this magazine only things related to the interest of the homebrewer. Stay thirsty my friends.

great for home brewers

I bought a subscription for my husband for Father's Day. He found some great recipes for our first party with our new bar.


An excellent 'every-man' (or woman) mag about the fine art of homebrewing. I've been a homebrewer for over 20 years and have seen a lot of stuff come and go, yet I still get good ideas out of each issue (and not just recipes, although the Szamatulski's contributions are usually good). Typically, in the area of gadgets.

So you wanna learn to brew? Get one of Papazian's books, and a subscription to this magazine, and your off to a good start (Papazian's magazine 'Zymurgy' is good, too -- but can be a little overly 'techie' for my tastes)

I don't know what would make me give this a 5-star, it just seems like there's room for improvement. Although I can't put my finger on exactly what.

Cheers, y'all. Relax, don't worry -- have a homebrew.