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Books & Culture

Presents a Christian perspective on important books, media, and overall culture.
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  1. Intellectual Periodical
    Excellent periodical for the intellectual who would like a critical analysis of christian, philosophic and historic books.
    I did find the product to be very large (like a newspaper) making it difficult to store away (and you will want to store this item). However, it remains a great read and reference!

    Also, the advertisments are quite appealing to the intellectual.

  2. Great
    One of my favorite magazines and one that deserves wider reading. I love the breadth of coverage ... history, current culture (though pretty much limited to American culture), politics, philosophy, science, film, music, theology and, of course, books! The reviews have gotten me to read quite a few books I otherwise would not have found. I also read First Things and do not agree that its coverage or authorship is broader, but in any case don't limit yourself to one or the other--take a look at both. You can of course access both through their web sites and see what kinds of articles are included in their issues.
  3. Is there a Christian mind?
    One of American evangelicalism's sympathetic critics once asked whether there is such a thing as a Christian mind. For all sorts of reasons - some more than justified - questioners, skeptics, and malnourished pilgrims have produced negative responses to the query.

    But perhaps things are better than all that.

    If encouragement may be taken from BOOKS AND CULTURE: A CHRISTIAN REVIEW, there is hope for the kind of wide-ranging integration of faith and the intellect that is so routinely dismissed as implausible by the cynical, the misinformed and those who have yet to discover the intellectual renaissance among evangelicals that has...

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