Reviews For Black Enterprise Magazine

The Most Resources in One Place

I am an avid reader of Black Enterprise (BE)and have been since I was in high school and to date it is still the most inspiring magazine EVER. Its filled with relevant news articles, entrepreneurial sight, career advice, financial planning, investment, real estate and so so so much more. Following the principles in BE can lead you on the path to success; financially, spiritually, and familial. This magazine is the best investment you can make. I challenge you to read EVER article even the one's less appealing because they stimulate your mind and broaden your horizons. KUDOS to the GRAVES legacy for all the continued inspiration.

Awesome, awesome, awesome

This is truly one of the BEST magazines I've every subscribed to. It is ALWAYS full of great information for entrepreneurs. And those who are aspiring to be financialy healthy

Great price for a great magazine.

I have always enjoyed reading Black Enterprise. I love the information it provides on minority businesses. It is very inspiring to entrepreneurs and those that are contemplating starting a business.

Family Legacy Magazine

I first read this magazine at my grandfather's house. As I grew up I was a regular reader of my dad's subscription and when I went to college Black Enterprise came with me. My daughter and son-in-law have a subscription in their home and I talk to my 7 year old grandson about articles I read all the time. It is important that he understand the options he has and Black Enterprise makes those options visible.

Well written and timely articles make this a must read for all households.