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Here's one authentic motorcycle magazine that's put together for the hardcore Harley brotherhood who take their riding seriously. Sorry, folks, there's nothin' here for wimps or iced tea drinkers. Biker is put together to entertain bros who just can't seem to get enough killer scoots, T&A exposure, and enough riding time to keep up with all the heavy duty partying that's going on all across the country. Tune in for a look at riding events and happenings and some ladies that'd be a shame to miss. Biker turns every issue into party time.

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    Biker Magazines

    I have been buying biker magazines for over 30 years. I have bought Easyriders, Biker Lifestyle, and Biker. I have even bought the regular motorcycle magazines such as American Motorcycle and Iron Horse but they don't measure up to Biker. I enjoy the articles and the pictures from the different events they go to. I use to go to any newsstand and be able to buy bike magazines but not anymore. It is getting harder and harder for me to find these type of magazines over the counter (with or without a plastic cover). Why have they quit having them in newstands? Do they sell them any place else? I can find old editions at some of the local flea markets at the...

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    I have subscribed to this magazine in the past, and it has some good things going for it. It has some good bikes, some nudity (but not to the level of Penthouse or even Playboy) and a lot of good humor. If you are looking for a biker mag that looks and feels like it was written by and for bikers, and not a glossy fancy rag for the Dentist's office, this is the one you should look at. You'll probably have fun reading it, whether you admit it or not.

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    another easyrider trash rag

    If your into lesbians, sluts and mild porn than this is the rag for you. if your looking for a rag about american v-twins and babes
    then go somewhere else ,cause your wasting your money with anything
    easyrider has its hands on. for this price I would buy Hustler or Penthouse.

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