Reviews For Beckett Football Magazine

Excellent family magazine that is orthodox in its Catholic message

This is a great magazine for parents and families looking for an orthodox Catholic viewpoint. The articles are always relevant and well-researched, and the activities described are a great help to bring families together.

REAL...not fluff!

Looking for a magazine with minimal advertising? Looking for a magazine that talks about REAL issues? (not 'The best hats to wear at the bus stop') Looking for a magazine that has a positive atmosphere about it? (July/August 07: Benefits of Boredom--incredible article) Other mags take the same spin every summer and list ideas for you to do with your kids like 'Boredom Busters'...same list (different photo)...only a few are actually useable. Looking for a magazine to read--not skim?
Here it is---Faith & Family!

My favorite magazine.

Faith & Family is the magazine that I savor. It is orthodox, interesting, and well-written. I find the articles inspiring, whether they be about marriage and parenting, celebrating feast days or hot button issues in the Church. I have subscribed to Faith & Family for years, since it was in the large format. The magazine has been over-hauled, updated both in content and in appearance. If it's been a while since you've seen it, you will be pleasantly surprised!

A Wonderful Family Magazine!

I love my subscription to Faith & Family! I have had it now for 2 years. I was tired of reading the same old stuff in magazines and found something more satisfying with Faith & Family. Not only is it full of Spiritual treasures, it is visually stunning. I was so happy to find this magazine and I hope many more families give it a try!

The best Catholic magazine out there!

As a professional magazine journalist and Catholic convert, I was disappointed with the quality of many Christian/Catholic publications. I understood it, though -- to save money, you have to scrimp on paper grade, photography, writers' salaries, etc. Well, if any corners have been cut in this magazine, I can't find them. What I do find, though, is thick, glossy paper, gorgeous photography, terrific ideas for living the liturgical year with your family, and great writing. This is one of the only magazines I read cover-to-cover as soon as it hits the mail slot. It will surpass your expectations, guaranteed!

I love this magazine!

I love this magazine and I recommend it to friends at every chance. It's photography and graphic are on par with any major magazine on the market. The articles are well written and address many life issues with a clear and thoughtful Catholic perspective. My favorite part of the magazine is the entertainment section which reviews books, movies and music by age range. If you're looking for a great family magazine, Catholic or otherwise, get this one!

Great Family Magazine

I throughly enjoy every issue of this magazine. It certainly lets me know that I am not alone in my beliefs on faith and family. It gives me the support that I need to keep going in this secular world.