Reviews For Beadwork Magazine

If your going to read one Beading Magazine this is it

Beading is enjoing a wave of popularity right now and there are more magazines than ever and frankly, I read them all. Beadwork stands above the others in many ways. The quality of the articles is fresh and informative, not the same tired junk recycled over and over. New news in the beading world is never over looked and the patterns are always detailed and sources for materials given. If I could only subscrible to one Beading Magazine Beadwork would definitely fill the bill.

One of the best

Beadwork was my first beading magazine. I like the questions to the contributors and the FAQ sections. It's nice to hear something personal from the artists. Along with projects, there are feature articles on specific mediums or artists that are informative and interesting. Project diagrams are detailed and helpful. Way too many ads however (almost 1/2 of the magazine). My only real complaint is that I only get it 6 times a year.

Advanced Beadwork

This is a magazine that pushes you to create more and better beadwork. It focuses on seed beads, not stringing, and really opens up your mind to the possibilities.


I always admire the cover as well as the very useful contents of this magazie that I make sure I get a copy as soon as it's available.


The magazine is filled with yummy patterns for beautiful pieces. The instructions are very easy to follow.

Beadwork magazine

This magazine is good but only average to people who want to use the projects most of the projects are very out there so if that's your thing you will love it. For the average beader it is NOT worth the cover price.
Beware the subscription to this magazine if you are not in the US it's overseas subscription is the worst of any magazine I have ever come across, out of 4 issues that I should have had I've had 1 !!!!