Reviews For Arts & Crafts Homes Magazine

Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!

I don't know why you would have to choose between this and Circa 1900 and American Bungalow. All of them are VERY high quality publications. I get them all. I am simply an addict to Arts & Crafts Homes and Furnishings. It honors true artisans and appreciation for the unique and full of character. Something refreshing in this era of condos and sloppy stucco homes. Arts & Crafts Homes Magazine is beautiful. I was thrilled when it started and I found it in the newstand and every issue has been equally as enchanting.

Arts & Crafts Homes Magazine

Just got my first copy, was fairly disappointed due to the large amount of advertising and small amount of content about Homes. What was pictured was beautiful. I will give it another chance but at this point would not recommend it for someone like myself who is looking for practical ideas to bring their home into the Arts and Craft style.